Morgan Stanley will ban unsafe employees and customers from its New York offices.


The financial giant will implement strict measures as of July 1 to ensure that the return to face-to-face work is done in a safe context.

Morgan Stanley Bank announced Wednesday that no employee would return to work at its New York City headquarters unless they are vaccinated. The rule also applies to clients and guests.

The objective is clear: to return to a regular office job without the remote mode, minimizing the risks of massive infections. For this, vaccination is critical.

According to the memo circulated among the thousands of bank employees, they have until July 1 to confirm that they have already been immunized against COVID-19.Due to a legal issue, the bank may not need proof of vaccination but will rely on the word of its employees. If the company was not informed about the vaccination, then on July 1, they will no longer enter the offices located in Manhattan. The same rule will apply to offices located in other parts of the state of New York as of July 12.

Reopening with a team of workers who have been fully vaccinated will allow us to relax restrictions within the office, such as the use of masks or social distance. In this way, it will be possible to return to normal conditions in the office", indicates the document circulated by the bank's human resources office.

As for clients or guests who come to the offices, before entering, they will be asked to declare whether or not they are vaccinated. Based on their response, they will be able to enter. As with employees, the person's word will suffice without them showing the vaccination card.

The CEO of the company, James Gorman, has been one of the leading promoters of the return to work in the offices. During a presentation at a convention earlier this month, the executive assured me that it was time to return to everyday life.

"If you can eat at a restaurant in New York, then you can go to the office. And we want them in the office.I would be very disappointed if we do not work in person before Labor Day holiday (which is celebrated in the United States on September 6), Gorman assured the audience, which is full of workers from the financial industry. In addition, it generated headlines because it stated that if employees want to continue earning New York wages, they must work from New York - Pointing out the trend of many people who are migrating to cities with remote jobs that have a lower cost. 

In a statement to the press, Morgan Stanley reported that so far, 90% of its employees had already confirmed having received the vaccine and that before July 1, they expected the number to rise to 98 percent. If an employee has not been vaccinated for health reasons or a religious belief, each case will be considered.

But this is not the only bank with a plan for the return from face-to-face work.

Goldman Sachs opened its offices last week, asking its employees if they had been vaccinated. In addition to the return of thousands of employees, the bank is receiving 5,400 new people in interns and associates.

JP Morgan Chase has already opened its offices with 50% capacity. By July 1, it expects to have 100% of its employees back, albeit in a hybrid system that mixes face-to-face work with remote work.