Most Americans plan to get vaccinated. All 50 states announced when they plan to open up vaccine eligibility.


Most Americans plan to get vaccinated. All 50 states announced when they plan to open up vaccine eligibility.

The majority of American adults say they have either been vaccinated with COVID-19 or intended to do so as soon as possible, and that number is still growing.

This is according to a new survey by the nonpartisan health foundation Kaiser Family Foundation, which put the number of respondents at 61%, while the respondent said they are waiting and see point 17 Percentage left.

Meanwhile, all 50 states have announced plans to open the coronavirus drops to all adults. More than a dozen people have already lifted the ban.

These new developments come at a time when there is an average 10 percent increase in the number of reported daily reports compared to the data on disease control and prevention centers a week ago, compared to 30 percent since the beginning of last year. Over 30 million cases have been reported.

Since the fall and the plateau began in early January, hospitalization and deaths, usually with cases lasting a few weeks, have increased.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky briefed the media at the White House on Monday, saying she was anxious about what can happen in the next few weeks?

Right now, I'm afraid. She said what she described as the off-script moment of the candor.

And as cases of Covid 19 are once again on the rise across the country, federal officials and epidemiologists say they fear we could target another nodule that could lead to an infection in the hospital. There is a risk of a fourth significant increase in deaths and hospitalization.

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Chicago has announced the opening of a new vaccination site to allow union workers to be shot under existing restrictions.

The United States has reported that half of all senior citizens have now been vaccinated against Covid. About 50% of all adults are now fully vaccinated —Tweeted Andy Slavitt, senior COVID adviser, to the White House.

MGM Resorts International is bringing coronavirus vaccines to employees at its casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

A variant of the coronavirus, first identified in the UK, has been found in Navajo Nation.