Murder Victim Warned Friends That Her Husband Wanted To Kill Her --  Could Something Have Been Done To Prevent This?

A man in Iowa fatally stabbed his wife with a corn rake, according to authorities. Were there signs before this tragic incident? What pushed him to the edge?

source: Fox News

Like in a scene from a horror movie, an Iowa man has reportedly fatally stabbed his wife with a corn rake upon learning that she had been engaged in a series of affairs behind his back. 

The incident was apparently the culmination of a series of events during which Todd Mullis left several notes as a warning to his wife, Amy Mullis, that her life might be in great danger.

Initially, Todd told authorities that they were no witnesses to the death of his spouse, and he had no idea how she had been killed.

Todd lied to the authorities by claiming his wife was injured in a fall and he removed the rake to bring her to the hospital.

 Police were investigating the case as a potential accident at first, but that quickly changed a month later when an autopsy revealed that Amy had suffered from multiple stab wounds.

At that point, authorities changed the cause of death to homicide and the direction of their investigation.

And now, they have been able to bring up official homicide charges against the husband for the murder of his wife.

The woman was apparently already worried that something might happen to her, as she had confided earlier in a friend of hers. 

She told a close that if she ever went missing “you’ll know Todd did something to me.”

The body was discovered by the couple’s son, who found his mother impaled on a corn rake and drove her to the hospital. 

Upon arriving at the medical center, all doctors could do was confirm the death of the woman.

It seemingly took some time for authorities to learn that the two had been going through marital problems, which was a major turning point in the investigation, and a factor that prompted detectives to look deeper into the incident.

According to the police, Todd’s allegedly used his personal iPad to make some rather disturbing searches for keywords like “organs in the body”  and “killing unfaithful women”.

He also looked up “what happened to cheating spouses in historic Aztec tribes.”  

Todd, a father of three, is currently being held on $5 million cash bail.