Nadia Leonelli returns to filmmaking to connect passion with purpose

Nadia Leonelli Investigates the Many Faces of Immigration with her new show 'Boundaries'


Ten years later and with an abundance of life experiences in between, Renaissance woman Nadia leonelli --entrepreneur, creative, mother and immigrant -- is ready to put all that she has learned back into her passion for filmmaking. Driven to build a legacy and make a difference, she's reinventing herself in this post-pandemic Hollywood that is finally opening-up to diverse perspective and untraditional voices. 

The first project in her development slate, Boundaries, is a nudge to her own journey as an immigrant but also a reflection on today's American Dream, which is only as possible as our institutions allow it to be.

From the likes of Melania Trump to the migrant children detained at the border, including expats, students, refugees, temporary skilled-workers and well-educated European imports, non-native Americans are a complex and diverse bunch. Some blend-in and others don't, some have tons of options and others don't, some can turn their 'foreignness' into an advantage and others are constantly targeted because of their differences. But they all have something in common: they are outsiders, making the choices of being right here right now.

Boundaries starts from the struggles of two young women from very different worlds, unexpectedly linked by their 'outsideness', and expand into an ensemble of human beings that are deep and touching but also young and witty, aware and driven, even when unable to prove their value. 

Developed in collaboration with up-and-coming writer Skye Emerson, Boundaries is finally ready to go from paper to production. Let's see if Hollywood is ready for it

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Filmmaker first and Entrepreneur later, Nadia got her start as the US-partner of European film and television productions. As the New York Indie scene grew into a hotbed of new talent, Nadia developed and produced a portfolio of award-winning movies that resulted in an Independent Spirit Award /Producer Award nomination,  including Sundance audience award winner "Acts of Worship'', Sundance winner “Hurricane Street” by Morgan J. Freeman; Morgan's second feature "Desert Blue'' and Michael Rymer's “Perfume”.

Pivoting to the more corporate side of media, Nadia became part of a small global team of innovation consultants working for organizations such as Disney / ABC/ESPN, the Recording Academy, Comcast, AT&T, Moody, Reed Elsevier and many others and she co-authored the study “Digital Disruption, preparing for a very different tomorrow” with the IBM’s Media think-tank (

Leveraging her personal struggle with allergies into a new entrepreneurial venture, she also launched and built the consumer-product brand Element Snacks from concept to its current national scale.  

Getting back to Manifesto Vision and soul-filling content is what her future is about.