Nadia Leonelli Switches Careers After Becoming a Mom and is Now in Filmmaking!

Nadia Leonelli Investigates the Many Faces of Immigration in her Film as an Immigrant


Renaissance woman, Nadia Leonelli, artist, filmmaker, mother and immigrant has balanced commerce and art from a young age, and launched her career as an actress-turned producer until being recruited to an elite team of digital leaders. She advised Fortune 100 Media companies and published research on digital innovation, eventually launching, and then selling consumer-business start-ups. In between boardroom meetings and a new-product launch, Nadia never forgot her passion for acting, coaching actresses to develop skills and careers, and developed an acting-method based on neuro-plasticity research which catapulted her daughter into acting stardom at a young age. Driven to build a legacy, she’s reinventing herself in Hollywood, and moving to de-age an industry historically built by and for the under-40. 

On her upcoming slate, Nadia investigates the many faces of immigration in the TV-Show “Boundaries,” the risks tied to unregulated progress in “Black Butterflies”, the power of a single woman on the global artworld in “The Spider in the Web” and a new take on determinism versus free will through epigenetics in “Rewire”.

Some of Nadia’s current projects are:

 “Black Butterflies”: At the leading edge of medical innovation, a husband and wife, both doctors, experiment with a technique that could save thousands of lives, including their son. As their success propels them to fame, it also brings corporate interests to mishandle the method: medicine is first and foremost a big business. The path to progress is never linear and this family of scientists may find its own solutions to the moral dilemmas of their new, modern age.

“Boundaries”: Esme and Annika have only one thing in common; they weren’t born in the US. They will be forever changed, and unexpectedly linked when they find themselves in a situation that is bigger than either of them. Joining to fight a biased justice system, they forge a bond that goes beyond skin deep, as we are reminded that the American Dream is only as possible as our institutions allow it to be. 

“The Spider in the Web”: a young widow makes it her mission to bring the work of a dead unknown painter to the masses. It seemed impossible then and today it is unheard of to find someone who doesn’t know the name Van Gogh.  

“Rewire”: your genes aren’t your destiny, but your gene expression is. Does that mean you can control your future and the future of your descendants? The only answer is: ‘it depends”.

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More about Nadia Leonelli --- MANIFESTO VISION

Filmmaker first and Entrepreneur later, Nadia got her start as the US-partner of European productions for the BBC, Studio Canal, Warner, Fox and more. As the New York Indie scene grew into a hotbed of new talent, Nadia developed and produced a portfolio of award-winning movies that resulted in an Independent Spirit Award /Producer Award nomination. Movies include Sundance audience award winner "Acts of Worship'' by Rosemary Rodriquez, Sundance winner “Hurricane Street” by Morgan J. Freeman, his second feature "Desert Blue'', (with Christina Ricci, Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson), and “Perfume” by Michael Rymer (w. Jeff Goldblum, Mariska Hargitay, Jared Harris, Paul Sorvino, Leslie Mann).  

Eventually Nadia leveraged her business degree on the more corporate side of media, becoming part of a small global team of innovation consultants working for organizations such as Disney / ABC/ESPN, the Recording Academy, Comcast, AT&T, Moody, Reed Elsevier and many others. She co-authored the study “Digital Disruption, preparing for a very different tomorrow” with the IBM’s Media think-tank (

Combining her talent-nurturing skills and entrepreneurial mindset, she also pursued patents on innovative tools, launched a motion graphics company with her husband and built the consumer-product brand Element from concept to its current national scale. She recently sold Element to a Venture Capital group.