NASA is looking for people who want to participate in a simulation of life on Mars.


This project is part of the Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog series, which will seek to adapt some human beings to life on Mars.

Since man has learned about the existence of Mars, managing to step on the surface of this planet has become almost an obsession. And in recent years, it has become the dream of all humanity. That is why, in the last decades, many space agencies like NASA have tried to find out all the details of the so-called 'Red Planet' in order to find out what basic human needs will be there.

For this, some rovers have been sent to Mars, the most recent being Curiosity and Perseverance. For example, the latter was sent to collect Martian rocks to bring to Earth, and that in this way, scientists can analyze them in search of particles or other traces that can prove what to this day is an assumption: the existence of life (current or extinct) on Mars.

However, all these activities are nothing more than steps you want to climb to reach the top of all current space science: humans on Mars. Thinking about this, in addition to the investigations carried out in the field with the help of the rovers, NASA started a project with which it will seek to create a simulation of what a human mission could be on that planet.

This was announced by the US space agency, ensuring that the call has already begun. Four people will be chosen to undergo confinement in a simulated Martian habitat of 158 square meters that has been given the name of Mars. Dune Alpha.

"Mars is calling! NASA is looking for candidates to participate as crew members during the first year-long analog mission in habitat to simulate life in a distant world, which will begin in the fall of 2022, "explained NASA through a published statement. On its official website.

"As NASA delves deeper into the cosmos, the astronauts' experience will change. In preparation for the real-life challenges of future missions to Mars, NASA will study how highly motivated people respond under the rigors of a long-running ground simulation. "

Likewise, the agency explained that the confinement that these four human beings will live in the Mars Dune Alpha is part of a series of missions called Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog. This includes three impressions of the surface of Mars for a year at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

"The analogs will support research to develop methods and technologies to prevent and solve potential problems in future human-crewed spaceflight missions to the Moon and Mars," NASA added.

For her part, Grace Douglas, lead scientist in NASA's Advanced Food Technology Research effort at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, noted that it is important to test solutions that meet the complex needs of living at analog surfaces. Mars, so the significance of this experiment is that not only will Mars be able to live in the environment and geological conditions, but also face the physical and mental challenges that astronauts on the Red Planet will face. ۔ '

Finally, NASA noted that those who want to participate in this project would have to be "healthy and motivated American citizens or permanent residents who are not smokers, who are between 30 and 55 years of age and are fluent in English for effective communication between the crew. And mission control".

A master's degree in engineering, mathematics or biology, physical or computer science in the STEM field is required from a recognized institution, with at least two years of professional experience in STEM or at least one thousand hours in an airplane. Be the pilot "Document Finished - Space Agency