Nation Remains On Edge Resulting In Three False Alarms—All On The Same Day

source: Flickr

After multiple shootings in the last two weeks, which reportedly left more than 30 individuals dead, it is only natural for out nations residents to be on edge. 

That is why in on this past Tuesday, people found themselves running for safety at three separate incidences--a falling sign in Utah, engines backfiring in Times Square and what was thought to be a possible shooting at a Louisiana Walmart store.

In reference to a shooting scare that happened in a Louisiana Walmart store, the local sheriff's office told WVLA of Baton Rouge, that there was currently no evidence that an actual shooting took place. However, there were reports of one shopper injured in the malay of customers who were attempting to flee the scene of the perceived incident.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office did say that initially, they had received a report of a shooting by two men. However, upon closer investigation, it was determined the alleged altercation between the two men did not in actuality involve a handgun of any type.

The sheriff's department stated: "When customers thought they saw a handgun, panic set in, and customers were running and screaming while trying to exit the store." Given the most recent events involving shootings in both El Paso and Dayton, and taking into consideration the calls to 911 by those who witnessed the altercation, the sheriff's department was on the scene in what they felt was an appropriate manner.

The Time Square incident that happened on Tuesday night showed a video of people running for safety. However, the NYPD went to Twitter and tweeted that the sounds the frightened crowd heard were actually from motorcycles. 

In a statement by the Midtown North NYPD: "Motorcycles backfiring while passing through sounded like gunshots." Emergency 911 fielded a multitude of calls pertaining to the incident, assuring the callers: "…Please don't panic. The Times Square area is very safe!"

On the very same day as the other incidences, West Valley City Utah experienced a scene of panic as well. Police officials stated on twitter that a sign falling at the Valley Fair Mall caused a panic in shoppers. The police officials explained in a tweet on their Twitter page: "People heard a loud bang which was the sound of a sign falling. There is no danger. No one is hurt." 

Shoppers reportedly took cover in stores within the mall. Police did clear the shoppers out of the mall as a precaution, but after further investigation found that no actual shots were fired.

So, what's the verdict—you decide.

Is the nation so on edge that they are now expecting shootings at every turn?