Navy Seal Shaun Donovan Rejected For Firefighter Position In New York Is Flooded With Job Offers From Other US Cities

Shaun Donovan, the Navy SEAL, who wanted to become a firefighter in New York and got rejected because he is over 34, is getting a lot of offers in other places.

Navy Seal Shaun Donovan Rejected For Firefighter Position In New York Is Flooded With Job Offers From Other US Cities775
source: Wikipedia

After the story of Shaun Donovan, a prominent Navy SEAL, came out, it drew much attention to his situation, with many people expressing sympathy for the veteran.

It all started with an application to the FDNY -- a position which Donovan felt he would be very qualified to fill, given his previous working experience.

However, he was subsequently rejected, with the official reason given, is that he surpasses the organization's age requirements, even when taking into account exceptions related to his service.

Moreover, while it looked like things were not going well for Donovan, the situation has completely turned around recently.

After the news broke out, many organizations from all over the country have started to inquire into Donovan's availability and have sent him multiple job offers.

It does not look like he would have too much trouble getting the kind of work that he deserves at this point.

Greg Pixley, a veteran, who is the Denver Fire Department's head recruiter, had this to say to the New York Post: "If the hiring process that Shaun is going through is not going to honor his service and recognize his capability, I want him to know that we will. That's the kind of person we want. We believe that if someone has the physical and mental prowess to perform the job, they should be given the respect and the opportunity to be a firefighter."

Jonathan Baxter, who works for the San Francisco Fire Department, also shared: "Tell him to apply to our fire department. We've had individuals in their 50s go through our fire academy, which is very extensive and difficult, both physically and mentally."

However, the warrior has decided to push for what he wants -- to work at the FDNY.

The Navy SEAL is still going to pursue that goal and has not dropped his desire to do so, despite the official rejection and the failed appeal.

Donovan has pointed out that he does not personally agree with the decision since the FDNY has been known to hire people much older than him in other cases.

It is not clear what might have motivated the organization to reject his application in the first place, even after receiving such a strong backlash.

Do you think it is time for Donovan to move on, yes or no?