Joe Biden And Bernie Sanders Are Leading In Latest Iowa Poll -- Will Things Change In The Upcoming Months?

Democrats in Iowa are split between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The winner of the state could be well placed to win the Democratic nomination for president.

 Joe Biden And Bernie Sanders Are Leading In Latest Iowa Poll -- Will Things Change In The Upcoming Months?517
source: New York Magazine

Democrats around the country are starting to spend more time thinking about the 2020 election, and two candidates are getting more attention than others.

It looks like the people of Iowa are heavily leaning towards Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, according to the most recent poll, as the two have just been reported to be at the top of the Iowa Selzer/DMR/CNN survey.

It is interesting to note that Biden himself has not even announced his own candidacy for the 2020 Democratic primary, making the strong support for him even more important.

However, he still managed to gather 27% of the votes in the last polling round. Next up was Bernie Sanders with 25%, and with indications that he is moving up at a rapid pace in recent polling iterations.

Many people have commented on the new data, confirming that they would likely support one of the two politicians in the upcoming election.

Voters like the two men and are having a hard time choosing between them.

One of these Iowa primary voter said: "The only reason (Biden) is my first choice is because I couldn’t pick two. Honestly, they’re both really great candidates. I’m drawn to them because, even though they’re older, they have a better grasp of what the future is going to look like, and they’re obviously collaborative and open to change."

The polls for Iowa have been changing in somewhat predictable patterns, according to expert analysis.

So far, it is clear that the state is going to have specific preferences in the upcoming primary.

It would be interesting if someone managed to shake up that scene, although it is not clear how another candidate would accomplish that in the current environment.

Meanwhile, other states have been moving in different directions, and the general picture for the 2020 election is still hard to predict.

One thing is sure at this point though -- it is going to be a fascinating race given the candidates who have been announced so far.

And if even half of the rumors about other possible candidates turn out true, this could easily be one of the most unusual election seasons observers have seen so far.

Do you agree or disagree with those who see Biden and Sanders as the frontrunners for the Democratic Party nomination?