Neighbors of Harry and Meghan Instructed How to Interact with Royal Couple -- Is it Too Much?

source: Pixabay

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex have moved to their private residence Frogmore House only a few months ago but their presence there already has quickly impacted the local community.

According to the British tabloid The Sun, the locals were given a list of rules on how to behave if they come across the royal couple. The long list was reportedly distributed among the people at a residents' meeting. 

One of the neighbors of Harry and Meghan commented that they were even more demanding than the Queen.

Locals have been instructed not to ask to see baby Archie or to offer babysitting services. In addition to that, they would not pet or stroke the royal dogs even if they come over. As per the guidelines, the locals should only congratulate the couple if they start a conversation first. Furthermore, the residents should avoid posting letters into the royal's postbox. 

In an interview with The Sun, one of the locals said it was over the top. He also mentioned that no one instructed them on how to behave around the Queen. In his opinion, Her Majesty did not mind being greeted by people, and she seemed happy talking to them.

The Royal Commentator Ingrid Seward described the new set of rules as "odd." She added that it was a matter of good British manners to engage your neighbor in a polite conversation and to pat their dog.

Seward also asserted the Queen is frequently chatting with her neighbors and invites them for a cup of tea. In Seward's view, the rule not to pet the dog was strange.

The Buckingham Palace rarely comments on the royal news in the media but issued a clarifying statement. The Palace said the Sussexes had nothing to do with the content of the guidelines. The set of rules was distributed, in Palace words, by ''an overly protective royal official.''

As the Palace put it, the main goal of the meeting was to brief the small local community how to welcome the new family.

Nearly 400 people live in the private Home Park and Great Park area of Windsor, which is governed by the Crown Estate. Most of the residents include royal staff, officials who live in grace-and-favor houses, and Crown estate employees.

Some of them include the Queen's dresser Angela Kelly, the Prince Charles former nanny, as well as the governor of Windsor Castle.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the statement that Harry and Meghan should reconsider their approach to privacy?