New Allegations Come To Light Against "Extra" Host AJ Calloway—Is There A Pattern Here?

And the hits just keep coming for AJ Calloway as more women step forward with claims of sexual misconduct.

source: TV Guide

In a statement recently issued by Warner Brothers Television, “Extra” host A.J. Calloway has officially been suspended due to multiple allegations by various women of possible sexual misconduct. However, it has also been learned that the actual suspension is one with pay as well.

In an official statement issued by the television branch of Warner Brothers productions, an internal review has been started after having learned of various reports of allegations of sexual misconduct, pointing to “Extra” host AJ Calloway.  

There is also reportedly an investigation being conducted to determine if any of the employees associated with the show were in any way a victim of Calloway, as a result of these allegations of misconduct.  Although the investigation is ongoing, and additional information is still in being gathered, Warner Brothers were quick to state that as of this date, there was no evidence having been discovered that any type of workplace misconduct did indeed occur.

However, there are reports of several more women stepping forward, claiming misconduct on the part of Calloway towards them.  In the light of these additional recent claims, Warner is stepping up their investigations and inquiries into the highly sensitive matter.  

Until the investigation into the allegations has concluded, and a determination made as to the claims, Calloway has reportedly been put on suspension from his show.  Warner Brothers emphasized that such complaints are taken very seriously by their company, as they continually strive to provide their employees with both a safe and inclusive work environment.

The recent allegations against Calloway are not the first, as it appears he has a history of multiple other such accusations.  In 2006 Sil Lai Abrams, both an author and activist for domestic violence, initially reported to law enforcement that Calloway had sexually assaulted her.  

However, the charges were eventually dismissed by Abrams, and Calloway was released.  Then, in January 2019, this year, two women stepped forward to claim that Calloway had also assaulted them as well.  This, in turn, put an entirely new slant on the investigation, with his previous history.

When asked about the charges in 2006, Calloway reiterated that he denied the events from the beginning, and was fully cooperative towards law enforcement from the jump.  He also stated that the charges were eventually dismissed, releasing him from any blame or accusations.

Calloway has been with "Extra" since 2005, and his representative has made no recent comments on the newest allegations or suspension.

So what’s the verdict—you decide.

Are these newest allegations of sexual misconduct in fact true?