New Details Surfacing In Johnny Depp’s Lawsuit with Ex-Wife, Amber Heard -- Can He Save His Reputation?

Johnny Depp is leveraging some fresh charges at his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The actor believes that she destroyed his career in a cynical way. Can she hit back?

New Details Surfacing In Johnny Depp’s Lawsuit with Ex-Wife, Amber Heard -- Can He Save His Reputation?494
source: Newsday

Johnny Depp is still involved in a lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, over allegations of domestic violence, and it looks like the situation has gotten deeper.

Depp has demanded compensation to the tune of $50 million from his ex-partner over an article that she wrote in a newspaper about their relationship.

It was titled, "I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath," and contained things like, "Two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic abuse."

The piece was an apparent reference to what had happened between them.

Depp claimed that the article was the main reason he lost his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, a very successful part for the actor that brought him solid earnings.

Depp has decided that he not only wants to clear his name and reassure everyone that he is not abusive, but he is also trying to target his ex-wife and smear her name.

This is likely in response to her own accusations against him, according to many observers on the case.

The former partner of the actor has been accused of not only fabricating her claims against him but also specifically timing them in order to do as much damage to his career as possible. These are some of the arguments Depp has brought up in his case in order to justify the large payout he’s seeking from his former lover.

He added that he was not only not an abuser, but he was the one getting abused during that relationship.

The actor specifically recalled one incident which resulted in a detached finger that had to be reattached through surgery, after he got attacked by his ex-wife.

There have been no direct comments on the other side of the scandal so far.

Heard’s lawyer told Variety in a statement: "This frivolous action is just the latest of Johnny Depp’s repeated efforts to silence Amber Heard. Mr. Depp’s actions prove he is unable to accept the truth of his ongoing abusive behavior. But while he appears hell-bent on achieving self destruction, we will prevail in defeating this groundless lawsuit."

Do you agree or disagree with Heard's attorney's assessment of the case?