New Jersey Millionaire Stephen Bradley Mell Faces Prison Sentence For Having Intercourse With Teen On Autopiloted Plane

A New Jersey millionaire Stephen Bradley Mell might face close to five years in prison -- he allegedly had sex with a teen as his plane was flying on autopilot.

source: Picryl

A court case involving sex with a minor is about to come to a conclusion, and it appears like the defendant is looking at five years of a prison sentence if he gets convicted in the end.

The charges were brought up against him for allegedly having sex with a minor on multiple occasions.

One of the incidents took place on his private airplane as it was flying around in autopilot mode.

It all started when the 15-year-old  girl wanted to take flying lessons and was introduced to Stephen Bradley Mell by her own mother.

Mell agreed to provide the lessons to the girl, but it did not take long for him to reveal his true motivations.

He first had sex with the teenager shortly after being introduced to her and then proceeded to repeat the act several times, including once on his airplane.

Investigators have reportedly obtained text messages confirming that certain acts had taken place, including one in which Mell was explaining certain aspects of sex to the girl, and was trying to calm her down.

He reportedly wrote: "If you are nervous it will hurt more. When you are turned on is when it will feel ok. Send me a nice naked pic cute thing."

A brief about Mell read: "Mr. Mell being who he is did not just grow into the business; he helped transform the company from the ground up. Mr. Mell has a lifetime of contacts in the New Jersey area, many of whom are well-respected professionals."

Court proceedings are still ongoing, and Mell is to receive his sentence in about two months.

Many people have expressed their disgust at the situation, claiming that he should be given the harshest sentence possible.

Others have pointed out that the girl was seemingly mostly complicit in the act, going as far as to discuss anti-pregnancy measures with her "lover" and other similar details.

However, it does not look like these factors are going to be considered too heavily by the court.

Mell asked for a divorce after his alleged involvement with the girl was made public.

Do you think his punishment will be harsh, yes or no?