New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now facing a criminal investigation into sexual harassment.


One of the eleven women indicated by the Prosecutor's Office as victims of attacks filed a criminal complaint against the Democratic leader, who loses support and could face impeachment proceedings against him.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, faces a criminal investigation in the state capital after one of the women identified by the prosecution as his victim criminally denounced him this week, as approved this Saturday by the sheriff of the region.

The woman, whose identity remains anonymous, is one of eleven named in the prosecution's independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and the first to file a criminal complaint since the explosive report was released this week.

The 63-year-old Democratic veteran has repeatedly denied touching any woman inappropriately.

"A criminal complaint was filed yesterday," said an official with the Albany County Sheriff's Office, the state capital. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple told a news conference that the woman's complaint, which is a former deputy of Komo, alleges criminal conduct and that her office's investigation is at an early stage with further investigations pending.

Receive materials from the New York Attorney General's Office.

Last Tuesday, after five months of investigations, the attorney general, Letitia James, presented a report that concludes that the Democratic governor has sexually harassed eleven women, most of the workers or former workers of his, and among them the assistant who has come to the criminal route in the county. The investigation was civil.

The woman alleges that Cuomo had misbehaved with her since 2019, with kisses and hugs that made her feel uncomfortable, and that last November at his official residence. Where he went at her request, the New York politician put his hand under her blouse and touched her breast.

The sheriff, who did not provide too many details due to the ongoing investigation, said his team would do a "comprehensive" investigation into the allegations and make a "decision" when it compiles the necessary information. Its investigators will have to interview the victim.

Apple announced that "depending on the facts" it will decide with the Albany district attorney, who is "collaborating" on the matter, which could result in the filing of criminal charges against Cuomo, "probably a misdemeanor and possibly a couple of them," in which case he would handle the arrest, he said.

Cuomo runs out of supports.

The governor's defense attorneys, who have denied the allegations, assured Friday that investigations by the state attorney general's office are not objective, accusing the report of contradicting facts and errors, and Suggested that this was done in support of the default statement. 

Her lawyer Rita Glavin, a former federal prosecutor, referred to the complainant's case at a press conference and questioned details of her story, such as the fact that both were alone in the office or that during the event the governor slammed the door as it is alleged, in addition to his behavior.

Meanwhile, the list of political figures calling to resign the governor of New York for ten years has continued to grow, with fifty Democratic presidents of state counties issuing a joint statement on the matter this Saturday.

We support President Biden and all our elected officials in demanding the resignation of Governor Komo. We have asked you to resign individually, and now we do so with one voice. We thank you for your years of service (...), but we demand that you step aside immediately," they wrote.

The former one of the most popular politicians in the country on an excellent job in New York during the pandemic. Allies and political rivals are turning their backs following allegations of harassment, also face a possible impeachment process for part of the state Legislative Assembly.