New York governor signs bill to legalize marijuana entertainment for adults 21 and older

New York government Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday signed a bill banning the use of recreational marijuana by adults 21


The Senate Bill S854A passed the Senate, with 40 voting in favor and 23 contesting. He then went to Parliament, which approved 100 votes in favor of 49 votes against it during Tuesday night's election.

The bill also exposes dagga conviction for acts that would be legal under the new law.

"This is a historic day in New York - fighting for the rights of the past by abolishing harsh prison sentences, embracing an industry that will develop the Empire State's economy, and prioritizing discriminated communities so that the poorest will be the first to reap benefits," Cuomo said in a statement on Wednesday.

"This has been one of the priorities of the State of the Nation program this year and I am proud of these radical changes in social, security and economic development as a result of legal marijuana used by adults," Cuomo said.

The bill creates licenses for its manufacturers and distributors.

It also allows adults 21 years and older to purchase cannabis from authorized dealers, and have three ounces of cannabis and 24 grams of cannabis concentrate. Also, 18 months after the start of the sale, it allows them to grow at home up to six mature plants and six immature plants at home per household.

Sen Sen State Liz Krueger, a proponent of the Senate bill, spoke enthusiastically on Tuesday evening about the racial inequality of drug abuse, and the "injustice" of banning marijuana "on young people, whose lives are being destroyed, by doing something I did when I was a child."

In a news report ahead of the expected passage of the bill, Majority Council sponsor Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes said he was "proud" to see the bill pass after so many years of effort.

"We provide marijuana justice by ensuring investment in the lives and communities of those who suffer for generations as a result of incarceration," Peoples-Stokes said.

Financial impact

Cuomo's office previously said the development of a new marijuana industry in New York has the potential to create 30,000 to 60,000 jobs and the potential to earn $ 350 million a year in tax collections.

The New York State Cannabis / Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act will impose a 13% tax on the sale of state and domestic tax retailers, said earlier this week.

Taxes will go to the New York State Revenue Fund, the remainder of the budget after education (40%), the Community Grants Reinvestment Fund (40%) and the Drug Treatment and Public Education Fund (20%).

"Cities, towns and villages may choose to opt out of approving adult drug use or site use licenses by enacting local legislation on December 31, 2021 or nine months after the effective date. They have no choice - due to authorization for adult use," the release s