New York Times Square will host year-end celebrations, and attendees will be required to show a health pass.


New York Times Square will host year-end celebrations, and attendees will be required to show a health pass.

The mayor, Bill de Blasio, said that he would be focused on controlling the increase in COVID-19 infections during his last days in office.

The city of New York will hold the end of the year festivities in the mythical Times Square, where all attendees must show a vaccine test even if it means controlling a million people, said its mayor, Bill de Blasio, on Friday. Who is dismissed from office precisely on December 31?

De Blasio declared in an interview with the CNN chain in his last days in office, focused exclusively on combat measures against covid-19, at a time when positive cases are rising rapidly in the city: if he does a month, the percentage of positivity was 3.8%, it grew to 4.87% two weeks later, and yesterday it had already reached 6.58%.

The concern of New Yorkers is evident, and the queues to undergo PCR tests have been very long in recent days at all mobile stations throughout the city, As a result, the results of these tests have been received 40 hours later than two hours ago.

In many pharmacies, on Thursday, the immediate self-test ends.

The city keeps all closed spaces open - cinemas and theaters, gyms, public transport, churches, restaurants - with the obligation to show proof of vaccination. Since last Monday, the mask is also mandatory in all these places, under penalty of fines of up to a thousand dollars.

The mayor believes that there is still room to impose the mask in small shops or barbershops, all to maintain commercial activity: "Customers know they are safe. Employees realize it, and businesses are booming, "he said in the interview.

However, he insisted that the vaccine, much more than the mask, is the most effective protection against the virus and welcomed the fact that the vaccination rate in New York, which was 60% in August, has risen. Up to 90%, "because the obligation works," he explained.

New York has imposed mandatory vaccination on all public officials. By December 27, vaccinations will also be required for private sector workers.

However, de Blasio warned: "We are not doing enough; we have to go further."

With the same letters, New York State Governor Kathy Hochhol wrote on her Twitter account today: "We know how to avoid getting seriously ill with cod: get vaccinated. Get the second dose. Put on third as soon as you meet the conditions. And put the mask on," he wrote.