Neymar Talks To Police About Violating Privacy Of His Rape Accuser, Najila Trindade -- Can The Soccer Star Recover?

Neymar is still claiming his innocence after the rape accusation from a Brazilian woman named Najila Trindade. The alleged incident happened in Paris, France.

source: Instagram

Football player Neymar has been in deep trouble lately after a woman named Najila Trindade came forward with accusations of rape against him.

Also, while Neymar has so far denied the claims, he might have gone too far in some of his recent posts on social media.

After he posted pictures of his rape accuser, police allegedly contacted him to talk to him about the incident, explaining that Neymar had violated the privacy of the potential victim.

It remains to be seen how things are going to develop around Neymar and the recent accusations against him.

His fans have been somewhat divided as well. It looks like some people are not entirely convinced of his innocence.

Others have been more cautious in commenting on the situation, pointing out that it would be unfair to make any accusations before people have heard the final judgment.

According to the woman, the incident took place about a month ago in a hotel room in Paris.

The woman had refused to have unprotected sex with the player, at which point he attacked her, hitting her and forcing her into having sex with him.

However, many points of the story have been brought into question, and the whole ordeal is still unclear on many fronts.

Neymar himself has not commented much on the situation, other than to deny his involvement in the incident.

A lawyer, Danilo Garcia, for the alleged victim, stated: "Najila is a victim. [Is there] nothing more important in Brazil than Neymar? if Neymar is innocent, let the police get it straightened out, but in a just, human, legal way."

He added: "My involvement with my client is only in the criminal sphere to defend her. This girl needs help. Whether or not the rape happened, and I believe in her version, it does not take away the question that she needs help. It is a lack of humanity that I saw today."

It is not the first time a prominent figure has been attacked with similar accusations in recent times, as it seems to be becoming a common trend in some fields.

Do you think this will hurt Neymar's career, yes or no?