Nick Cannon Says All Is Well With Wendy Williams After Conversation: What Is The Future Of The Program?

Nick Cannon got emotional while talking about Wendy Williams' situation. Some fans of her talk show are starting to wonder about the future of the program.


Comedian Nick Cannon announced that he had recently spoken to TV personality Wendy Williams, as well as some of her family members, regarding her recent absence.

According to him, Williams sounded great on the phone and spoke together with her entire family.

She added that everyone around her was also well and that she appreciated the love and support in a challenging moment like this one.

Cannon added that the conversation between the two eventually took an emotional turn and left him with deep impressions.

It is clear that Cannon is really concerned with the wellbeing of Williams in her current situation, and he is far from the only one.

Cannon shared: "I talked to her and, honestly, she sounded amazing, y'all. We jumped on the phone and first thing she said: ‘Nick Cannon, how you doing?"

He added: "I had a conversation with her and her whole family and she said she wanted to speak as a family unit. I talked to Kevin, little Kevin. They said they all good. The love and the passion is still there 'cause that's what you need in times like this is your family to stick together with you."

Many people have expressed similar sentiments over social media recently, and the words keep coming out.

Williams has been absent from her show after its pause in December.

It was revealed that she had been hospitalized in order to get treated for Graves’ disease.

Despite the long-term nature of her hospitalization, she was spotted at various locations several times, with people last reporting seeing her at a CVS in Florida.

The fate of The Wendy Williams Show remains uncertain. Cannon has stepped in as a temporary replacement for the show’s last episode, but it is not clear if he plans to continue substituting for Williams in the long run.

If the program lost its spot, it is possible that it might not come back on the air at all. This will depend on many factors, including the performance of other similar/competing productions.

For now, though, it doesn’t seem like most fans are concerned with that, as much as they are with the general wellbeing of Williams herself.