North And South Korea Firing Projectiles—Is This An Indication Of War To Come?

source: Tracy Few

Media outlets reported Thursday that North Korea fired an unidentified rocket.  The event occurred just days after South Korean military officials, overseen by leader Kin Jong Un, authorized the firing of several test rockets of his own.

NBC News obtained information that the missile was reported to have flown 420 kilometers to the east of the country, after having been said to have originated from a province on the western side of the country.  It is also being reported that the missiles that were fired may very well have been that of Russian design.

A South Korean military official confirmed to NBC News that North Korea had indeed fired what appeared to be an unidentified projectile towards the Sinori area, which is located in North Pyongan Province.  The officials also confirmed the missile was fired at approximately 3:30 am ET.

North Korea’s state media issued a statement to CNN that claimed that the launch was actually to “check the operating ability of large caliber long range multiple rocket launchers and tactical guided weapons.”

Over the weekend, reports came in that North Korea had also fired several unidentified short-range weapons from the east coast of the country, into the Sea of Japan.  The Associated Press reported that South Korea confirmed the launchings, and the projectiles in question that were launched on May 4th flew an estimated 70 to 200 kilometers before eventually crashing into the sea.

Harry J Kazianis, National Interest Director, stated to the NY Times, surmised that the countries are expressing frustrations over the lack of any real breakthroughs at the recent summit in Vietnam.  He also went on to state that it appears North Korea appears to be upset over the lack of flexibility on Trump's administrations part, and their continued stance of sticking to a "maximum pressure" policy.

Whichever the case may be, one thing does appear very clear.  Both countries are taking this time and opportunity to pretty much “flex their muscle” at one another.  With tensions between the North and the South countries growing more and more by the day, there is a critical need for the administration to get the ball rolling even faster in an effort to calm the friction.  If not, then there may very well be an all-out war in the two Korea’s future.

What’s the verdict—you decide.

Were these launches just a whole lot of grandstanding on both countries part?