North Carolina Dem. Dan McCready Rescinds Ilhan Omar's Donation -- Is She Losing Support Over Her Stance On Israel?

MN Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has a new nemesis, Dan McCready, who has returned her donation over the comments she recently made about Israel. Is she in trouble?

source: WNCN: News, Weather

Trouble around Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar continues to brew. 

A recent remark of hers is regularly getting referenced on the political scene, with various politicians claiming that they have lost trust in Omar after her statements. 

The remark in question was described as “anti-Semitic” by some and has resulted in a loss of support for Omar.

Most recently, Dan McCready, who is running for Congress in North Carolina, has announced that he is rescinding a $2,000 donation he had received from Omar.

This came as a direct response to Omar’s statements about Israel. This was confirmed by McCready himself, who claimed that he strongly disagreed with the position Omar has presented.

According to McCready, the decision has come with a cost for him. 

He wrote on Twitter: "Some folks are asking why I directed the return of Rep. Omar’s donation. I did this weeks ago because I vigorously disagree with any anti-semitic comments. I condemn in the strongest terms the hateful rhetoric against her, the Muslim community and people of color. Too many have been hurt by our broken politics. We must end hate speech against all people and groups."

Many people have started attacking him on various grounds since he has announced the return of the donation. 

However, he has remained firm on his position, and it does not look like he has any plans to retract his statements.

Meanwhile, Omar herself has been moving forward with her platform. 

Some supporters of the politician have pointed out that the treatment she has been getting for her words has been a bit unfair since the statement was taken out of context in the first place. 

However, Omar has not offered any additional explanation, nor has she retracted her words in the end. 

She did take time to slam President Donald Trump who has spent a lot of time attacking her in recent weeks.

Omar wrote: "They know that when we come together and stand unified, their power is jeopardized. But it won’t work. We are building an inclusive grassroots movement that will fight for policies that will actually help people."

It looks like she has a robust campaign ahead of her if this situation continues, although, on the other hand, she is at least showing that she is capable of standing up for what she believes in, unlike other politicians. 

Do you think Omar is going to pay a political price for all of this dram, yes or no?