Norwegian Karsten Warholm's wild celebration after winning gold in the 400m hurdles in Tokyo


Norwegian Karsten Warholm's wild celebration after winning gold in the 400m hurdles in Tokyo and breaking the world record.

The Scandinavian sprinter broke his own record and set a new record by setting 45.94 seconds. American Ray Benjamin took the silver medal, and Brazilian Alison dos Santos completed the podium.

Norwegian sprinter Karsten Warholm broke his own 400m hurdles world record with 45.94 seconds and became the gold medal winner. The American Ray Benjamin came in second with a mark of 46.17 and took the silver medal. At the same time, the Brazilian Alison Dos Santos completed the podium with the best South American record.

This was the second world record that has been reached during Tokyo 2020 after the Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas achieved the first in the triple jump final. In this competition, one of the most anticipated confrontations between the new Olympic champion and the American glory, as they again saw the faces in the Japanese capital after facing each other in a duel of big brands, each one on their own.

On July 1, during the Bislett Games in Oslo, the Scandinavian champion managed to finish his production with 46.70, which ended with the old record set by another American, Kevin Young, at the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympic Games.

Four days earlier, Bejamin was very close to beating the international record, but the Norwegian managed to surpass the American on the four occasions they have faced each other. To win the gold medal, Warlhom affirmed his hegemony and led Benjamin to break the world record if he wanted to contest the Olympic title.

The European sprinter started the race with high speed, and in the first corner, he had already passed Dos Santos. Warlhom, feeling pressured by the presence of the native of Mount Vernon, began to accelerate to reach the goal as soon as possible.

However, the American was paired with the Nordic during the final stretch before attacking the last obstacle. There was still hope that Benjamin could argue for the most coveted spot on the podium from the penultimate fence. However, it wasn't until the last hurdle that the new champion could change his acceleration and cross the finish line.

This action caused him to subtract 76 hundredths from his own record in the previous World Cup, which he had conquered 33 days ago. After the astonishment was drawn on the athlete's face from northern Europe, the euphoria of having beaten his mark caused him to tear his uniform from the front with a wild celebration.

Karsten led all the competitions of his discipline presented to him in Tokyo: In the first phase, he finished in the first position with 48.65 seconds on his chronometer. In the semifinal, he qualified in the same place but with a final time of 47.30. Little by little, he was demonstrating the ability he had on the track.

In the final of this discipline, seven of the eight athletes who competed managed to break their records or new records for their regions. In addition, they all ran under 49 seconds in one of the most exciting finals in memory.

The 25-year-old runner, throughout his history, has competed in different events in which he has excelled. He won first place at the 2013 World Junior Championships in octathlon. He participated in the 2017 and 2019 World Championships, as well as the 2018 European Championships.

He also holds the European record in the 400m indoors together with Thomas Schönlebe, with 45.05 seconds.

In the women's length final, the United States took another silver medal after German Malaya Mihambo snatched the gold in the last jump from athlete Britney Reese.