Not Everyone Who Has Been On The Series Supernatural Loved It—In Fact, Two Regretted It

source: Joseyphina's World

With the cult tv series Supernatural in the middle of its fourteenth year, and rumors of a fifteenth all but guaranteed (hoo boy that is a lot of years!!), most fans assume that the stars and guest stars of the show love it.  It is one of the longest-running shows in its genre, and it seems everyone is scrambling to get their chance to be a part of what could be entertainment history.

While almost everyone who is appearing, or have appeared, on the show have nothing but love for it, there are two in specific that are very outspoken about their dislike and, one could safely say, regrets being connected with the series, to begin with—and in hindsight would have rethought it all together.

In season two, when the show was just starting to introduce some really strong female leads (because the running joke up to then was if you were female and on the show, your character would die—period), one of most notable characters was the demon, Ruby who was portrayed by Katie Cassidy.

Although she has nothing but praise for the fans and her fellow castmates, she is more than a little outspoken about how she felt her character was being treated by Warner Brothers—who produces the show.  She felt that they weren’t really sure where they were going with her character—so much so that they weren’t willing to pay her to stay onboard.

However, hands down the most outspoken actor has been Mark Shepherd—better known to fans as Crowley the King of Hell.  When he left the show, in what many thought was a sudden move, at the end of the thirteenth season, fans were both shocked and enraged.

What many do not know is that the choice to leave seems to have been his.  He thought when he was bumped up to cast regular from guest star he was sitting pretty.  Well, as it turned out he wasn’t.  Even though he did take a pay cut as a result of the change in classification, it seemed that his character, at least as Shepherd saw it, was having less and less to do as well as not being integral to the story.

It just goes to show that not everyone is as happy on a show as they seem, and many are not at all shy about voicing that discontent. 

Should stars who have left shows be so outspoken?  Even if it was their choice to walk?