NYPD wants men accused of making antisemitic statements, damaging a car outside a synagogue

Police said the three men allegedly attacked two Jewish boys with a baseball bat.

source: https://ibb.co/y6vFzgM

New York police are searching for three men who allegedly shouted non-religious statements to four men standing outside a synagogue before damaging a car outside and attacking two Jewish youths with a baseball bat.

The New York Police Department said the men arrived in Agudath Israel on Sixteenth Avenue in the Borough Park area of ​​Brooklyn on Saturday night in a blue Toyota Camry and "began shouting anti-Semitic statements to a group of four victims in front of the area."

MP Simcha Eichenstein wrote on Twitter that the party was shouting: "Free Palestine - kill all Jews."

The four men, who were outside the synagogue, locked the door, prompting two men in Camry to get out of the car and knock on the front door of the synagogue, according to police. The suspects then kicked off a side-view mirror using a 2014 Audi Q7, which caused more than $ 250 damage, police said, releasing a video of the incident.

Police said the three men allegedly attacked two Jewish boys with a baseball bat 45 minutes later, NBC New York reported.

The NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating.

The incidents come as statistics show an increase in the number of Muslims being killed and incidents across the country reported to police and shared on social media as a deadly battle between Israelis and Palestinians intensified two weeks ago in the Middle East.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a visit to the Borough Park police station on Sunday that the suspects would be arrested.

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"Anyone who commits an act of hatred will be found, will be prosecuted and face the consequences," de Blasio said. "The fight against apartheid will not be tolerated in New York City, I want everyone to hear this sound and clear. We will put an end to the fight against apartheid wherever we find it. It is unacceptable."

He also added that the NYPD would be out "as far as possible in Jewish communities to protect the people."

Scott Richman, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in New York and New Jersey, said in a statement on Sunday that he was "outraged and disgusted by reports of Jewish people being tortured and assaulted last night, accused of a Middle East conflict."

"Criticism, suspicion, and harassment of Jewish people on the streets of New York or elsewhere do nothing but increase divisions, perpetuate prejudice and hatred, and create fear," Richman said.