Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Could Very Well Herald In The Beginning Of The End For America—Get Ready For A Wild Ride

Experts warn that the Green New Deal used wildly misinterpreted data and is severely flawed in its claims.

source: Huffpost

Well, the numbers are in for Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal" and to be honest I am with the majority on this one—what was she thinking?  How did she think, that proposing such a radical initiative, with the costs attached to it, could be a good move for the nation?

The figures that have been released show just how outlandish the bill actually is.  A new study, authored by a former Congressional Budget Office director, confirmed that the proposed legislation would cost upwards of $93 trillion which averages out to approximately $600,000 per American household.  What strikes many as odd is that Ocasio-Cortez is against Trump's border wall, stating there is no need for it but feels there is a need for this type of expense?

The crunching of the numbers to find the actual cost estimate came on the heels of Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, during a Sunday broadcast interview, to offer an amount on the price tag of the “Green New Deal” as well as her support of “Medicare For All.”  She sashayed around the question by staying “it’s not about a cost but rather about a return on investment.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” was problematic from the jump, with the promise of economic security for those "unwilling to work" as well as the notion that we can control "farting cows" and entirely do away with air travel.  As the bill currently stands, the expense is not the only concern, as with the current wording federal government would play an even more invasive role into the publics most elemental decision-making processes for everyday life.  That is not to mention the possibility of a massive, long-lasting impact of damage, that would out way the enormous price tag the deal currently touts.

Charles Blahous, senior strategist and author of a study conducted at the Mercatus Center, states that Ocasio-Cortez took the studies results and wildly misinterpreted them to create an argument that "Medicare For All" would save the country money.  In her broadcast interview on Sunday, Harris emphasized the point that the "Green New Deal" would initial cost money, but in the long run, the return on the investment would make the project more than worthwhile.

Either way that you choose to look at it, there is a massive cost to the proposal.  Many believe that the cost is not needed, nor mandated, as the country is already struggling with a deficit.  If this deal were to pass the Congress somehow, and the president's desk, the nation will need to prepare itself for a wild ride.  And, possibly, when the dust clears, be ready to be knocked back into the stone age.

So, what's the verdict--you decide.

Is Ocasio-Cortez's proposal actually in the best interest of our nation and its citizens?