Official: two Argentines are missing after the collapse of a building in Miami.


They are a surgeon and his partner, according to the Foreign Ministry. Unfortunately, the property collapsed in an area usually visited by Argentines.

The collapse of the building in the Surfside area of ​​Miami created a shock for both Americans and all foreigners living in the area. Thus, an Argentinean who lives four blocks from the collapse site recounted how the seconds after the disaster were lived and confirmed that there are already Argentine citizens looking for relatives and acquaintances among the rubble.

Alicia Franchisena, an Argentine who lives by renting apartments in Miami, lives in the Surfside area. She claimed to feel an explosion at dawn, which led her to go out into the street immediately.

"I live four blocks from there. I heard a crash and didn't know what it was. So I go out and start to see a lot of fire engines. When I arrived, everything was already closed. They told me that one of the towers partially collapsed. There are 144 floors in total, and it partially collapsed. I don't know how many are affected," Franchisena said, speaking to Radio Continental.

"The worst thing is that it happened in the middle of the morning. They still did not give official figures of deaths and injuries, but the truth is that it has been a tragedy," Argued the woman.

According to Franchisena, Argentine families are already searching for loved ones in the rubble. "Yes, there must be several Argentines in the building. This is an area highly sought after by Argentines. It is very close to the Bal Harbor shopping mall. To give you an idea, some Argentines are looking for acquaintances and relatives", He explained.

Franchisena revealed that she had contacted some Argentine acquaintances who had relatives residing in those departments and were searching.

"The parents of some Argentines came to escape the pandemic in Argentina, and they stayed at their house. My friend has apartments on the beach, so they decided to come to the apartment on the beach last night. So now they don't answer the phone, and my friend is extremely worried. So they are putting together lists of people who are looking for relatives".

Franchisena, who works in the real estate sector, described the collapse of a building in Miami as something very unusual since it is a city that constantly performs quality controls on its properties.

"I rent apartments. Everything is very regulated; at age 40, a very rigorous inspection of the entire structure is carried out. This building dates from 1981 and this year it was 40 years old. I believe that the corresponding study was not done", he assured.

And he added: "Anyway, it seems very strange to me. It is not easy to live in these buildings.  Although the cheapest apartments cost 650 thousand dollars, and there are up to 3 million dollars, it is not supposed to be a bad thing".

The Argentine citizen highlighted the work of the Miami emergency services, which reacted immediately and quickly began to redistribute the residents of the collapsed building itself and the surrounding buildings.

"As soon as I felt the explosion, I left my house to see what had happened. And when I was on the street, you could already see the fire trucks and the police cordoning off the area. They did not allow anyone else to enter", described the Argentine.

"They made the people who lived in that building and those who lived in the neighboring towers go out into the street for fear of a new collapse. There are the people of the Community Center of the city that distributed to all the people in different hotels", he completed.