On his first Christmas at the White House, Biden praised the courage of Americans in the face of epidemics.

source: www.business-standard.com

On his first Christmas at the White House, Biden praised the courage of Americans in the face of epidemics.

In a message signed with his wife Jill, the president vindicated the "courage, strength, resilience and determination," tired by the new wave of COVID-19 and rising inflation.

On his first Christmas visit to the White House, Biden on Saturday praised the "immense courage" of Americans facing epidemics and called on them to find "light" and unity in adversity.

"This year, we have seen the immense courage, strength, resilience and determination of all of you who, in a big or small way, care, comfort, educate, protect and serve the country.," wrote the president of the United States in a message also signed by his wife. , Jill Biden, on the occasion of the Christian holiday.

"You show, time and again, that our differences are precious and our similarities infinite," said the Democratic president, leading a country deeply polarized on several issues.

"We pray for the promise of the gospel, to find light in the darkness, which is probably the most American effort out there," Biden, a devout Catholic, said in his message.

The presidential couple, faced with a pandemic-weary America frustrated by rising inflation, has placed a particular emphasis on end-of-the-year traditions, whether it's forgiving a turkey for Thanksgiving or covering the House. White with decorations.

The couple visited a children's hospital on Christmas Eve to encourage children who could not return home. It's traditional for first ladies to visit the National Children's Hospital in Washington during the holidays. Still, Biden's presence took patients, families, and medical staff by surprise.

This is the first time in history that a US president has joined this Christmas tradition, the White House explained to the press.

However, Biden was caught on Friday by the particularly bitter political climate prevailing in the country.

A fun phone conversation with a family about Santa Claus took a turn when a father, whom Biden had just wished Happy Holidays, insulted him.

According to reporters present, the father replied: "Merry Christmas" followed by "Come on, Brandon!", A phrase used by supporters of Donald Trump in a derogatory way against the president, equivalent to a "fuck you Biden."

Joe and Jill Biden broke with the tradition of going to the US Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean, something they had been doing with the rest of their family since 2008.