One hundred fifty of Jeffrey Epstein's victims were compensated with $ 121 million.


"No amount of money will erase the years of pain that these victims have endured because of Jeffrey Epstein," clarified the manager of this Fund, created to reduce the number of litigation and avoid causes that could last for years.

The Fund created to try to compensate victims of sexual assault and abuse committed by tycoon Jeffrey Epstein will terminate its function after disbursing some 121 million dollars (106 million euros) to a total of 150 women, According to his manager this Monday.

I am proud of what we have achieved with this program, but I also acknowledge that no amount of money will alleviate the pain of those who have suffered because of Jeffrey Epstein," Says Jordana Feldman, manager of a fund financed with the wealth that the tycoon amassed.

The Epstein Victims Compensation Fund, whose wealth is estimated at $ 600 million (€ 511 million), emerged after discussions between the victims' attorneys and the attorney general of the United States Virgin Islands, where the pedophile had important properties, to reduce the number of litigation and avoid causes that could drag on for years.

I hope this program has provided victims with an important measure of justice and a step towards healing." said Feldman in a statement explaining that this compensation will allow these people to resolve their claims outside of the courts, away from the "glare of public proceedings and without the costs and confrontation of litigation."

Victims who have decided to accept money from this compensation fund will no longer be able to file a lawsuit against Epstein's estate. Still, they will be able to share information with authorities and participate in other investigations. Related parallels, as well as making their stories public.

"Each plaintiff has had the opportunity to be heard in a safe space and share their intimate, personal, and often heartbreaking stories. I was surprised by the resistance and courage of the victims, who put their faith and trust in this process," said Feldman, who pointed out that 92% of the women who were chosen to benefit from the plan accepted the offers of compensation.

This compensation fund received more than twice as many requests as was expected at one time, reaching a total of 225. Finally, some 75 were rejected, although details of the reasons have not been offered. In contrast, a group of victims has chosen not to accept the provided amounts.

Epstein was arrested in July 2019 on charges of rape and trafficking dozens of girls in the early 2000s. This millionaire, who even rubbed shoulders with personalities such as Prince Andrew of England -the son of Elizabeth II-, Bill Clinton, or Donald Trump, was discovered hanged in his New York prison cell in August 2019. The death occurred two days after signing his will.