One of the other documents, any more than the censored, the end of the Day speech

As a retired US Army officer, the microphone was clipped when he spoke of the role Black people have played in the end of the Day.


The American Legion Department of Ohio, " said one of the cases where the speech was pre-meditated.Well, one of the organizers of the Memorial Day ceremony, now resigned under pressure, after being silent for a retired united states army officer and a microphone at the same time, he was talking about the newly-freed Black slaves, paid tribute to the fallen soldiers after the civil war.

She Suchan, the chairman of the Memorial Day parade committee, and the chairman of the state or American Legion Auxiliary, he resigned less than a month after the wedding, the Akron Beacon Journal on Tuesday.

Suzette Also, the department adjutant for the American Legion Department of Ohio, said, said on Sunday that Suchan, had resigned. Jim Garrison, who was the aide-de-camp to the American Legion Post 464] he was, in the moment.

The American Legion Department of Ohio, said the censor speech on the role that Black people have played in the end of the Day, and it was pre-meditated and planned for it by the North, and to Suchan.

"She knew the exact instant when the volume is set to the down position, and when he was come up again," said Roger, a Friend, a division commander in the Ohio American Legion.

Memorial day of 2021 at the latest, by the Hudson Community Television on Vimeo.

The organizers of the ceremony, in The state of Ohio, in the first place, defended his decision, saying, in the portion of the speech that broke down  by the Hudson Community Television on Vimeo.  and was not relevant to the purpose of the software is subject to the celebration of the town's veterans.

In the days before the ceremony, Suchan, said she was evaluated by a speech, and said, " the retired Army Lt.-Col. Barnard, Kemter, to take away some of the pieces. Kemter, and said that he did not see the proposed changes at the time of the writing of century.

Kemter, who has spent 30 years in the Army, including serving in the Persian Gulf War, said he was disappointed that his microphone was turned off about two minutes.