Ongoing Feud Over Social Media Ends In One Teenager Dead—Another Facing Murder Charges

What started as a feud on social media, quickly lead to bullying, ending in the death of a young teenage girl.

source: Tracy Few

What started as a feud, between two Texas teenage girls, on social media seems to have boiled over into the "real world," as the cyber confrontations took a deadly turn, with one of the girls ending up dead.

On Friday, reports state that Kaitlin Leonor Catillejan, 18, died after being stabbed, along with Vivian Foster, 18 outside a San Antonio home.  The attack happened after both Catillejan and Foster reportedly arrived at the 16-year-old assailants home approximately 1 am in the morning, and a fight began.  During the argument, the 16-year-old began to stab the two girls, with Foster only receiving superficial wounds.  However, the stab wounds Catillejan received proved to be mortally fatal and as a result, killed her.  

The teen who attacked and stabbed the two girls, who as of yet has not been identified, alerts police after the incident, stating “she had been assaulted on her driveway when she arrived home from work,” the police report showed.  The teen also stated that both Catillejan and Foster had been sending her threatening personal messages on social media, “stating they want to fight her.”

The 16-year-old girl had attended school with both Catillejan and Foster, at James Madison High School, before the two teenage victims graduated.  Both victims have a statement to police at the hospital that they had been stabbed after “jumping a girl at her house.”  Catillejan’s aunt spoke with the San Antonio Express-News, corroborating that the three teens had indeed been involved in a feud on social media sometime before the incident.

Catillejan’s aunt, Maria Fernandez also stated that her niece was unable to give her side of the story, but that the feuding involved bullying that had been on both sides.  It was said by the aunt that they were also arguing over Catillejan's ex-boyfriend.  Fernandez reported that her niece was lured into an ambush, which she claims was also videotaped.  

Catellijan and Foster were former students at the same high school as their attacker but had graduated.  The 16-year-old is still was still a registered student at the high school as of the date of the fatal attack.

The 16-year-old was arrested and subsequently booked into a juvenile detention facility, facing a charge of murder.  No information on when the teenager will be brought before a judge for an arraignment hearing, or if a bond will be set and at how much.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Was Catillejan lured to her death, as her aunt claimed?  And if so, will the alleged video of the attack solidify the murder charge?