Ongoing pandemic and an increasing number of suicides


Covid-19 and Rise In Suicide

For certain teens, the beginnings of the disease outbreak was a new experience for many teenagers, with later wake-up hours and lower academic standards but  on the other hand, imagined countless Zoom lessons and were not allowed to go out to meet their loved ones or friends during the majority of the day.

COVID-19 is not only depriving these teenagers of their success but is also affecting their mental health.  COVID-19 appears to have spawned a synergistic outbreak, in which several epidemics like (suicide, the flu, and racism) have tended to feed off one another in an alarming manner.

Although researchers have given a clear warning that these suicides could be unequivocally attributed to the pandemic, there is mounting evidence that teenage mental wellbeing could decline significantly by the year 2022 if this virus continues to exist.

Over millions of people out of jobs and many more struggling financially, the lack of public and social contact has only added anxiety and fear to their sense of despair, and many are finding it increasingly difficult to adapt. Some analysts have predicted a sharp rise in suicides as a result of these issues, and we're now finding signs that those projections are correct.

It takes a lot of time to register incidents of suicide, as well as the shortages in social services which is caused by this virus outbreak, the full effect of these institutional limits on mental wellbeing will not be completely appreciated for some time. However, there is growing evidence that since the restrictions were imposed, there has been a tragic uptick in the number of individuals who have committed suicide.

How To Detect Early Symptoms?

Now that they're learning at home, it's understandable that teenagers choose to wear trousers or whatever they want on daily basis. Reduced self-care participation, on the other hand, is a warning sign of depression worsening. Don't ignore questions about your child's mental wellbeing only because they're having a difficult time. Sit with them give them some time share their problems and try to provide them some motivation in form of random jokes or stories based on your past experience.

Suicidal Helpline delays

Because of the Covid-19 suicide help centers are taking a lot of time to register cases on daily basis and many people are being neglected because of this major issue and this is leading to a a lot of suicidal cases.

One survey showed that a 16 percent surge in suicide-related calls during the second wave in Japan, and almost half of England's emergency service centers have registered a rise in suicide-related phone calls. This can’t be neglected because these suicides are also acting as an alternative pandemic, but instead of revealing its arrival with a list of clear and recognizable signs, this more like a sneaky killer that threatens our society at large and mostly targets the most vulnerable part of our society (the lonely one) because these people can’t meet their loved ones or their friends as they used to.