Orbelín Pineda played with the "0" in Mexico vs. Guatemala, and that's how the fans reacted.

source: today.in-24.com

An error in Pineda's shirt caused the team's followers to make fun of the player.

The second match of the Mexican National Team in the Gold Cup began with a strong storm that had to delay the match; despite this, the team led by Gerardo Martino took to the field to give everything against Guatemala.

Quickly, the Mexican team managed to overcome the Guatemalans because, during the first minutes, they dominated the ball and generated some attack plays.

From minute 29, the national team overcame the scoreboard with a goal from Funes Mori; however, the attention later turned to Orbelín Pineda. He played with the number "0" on the court.

Cruz Azul's mixed midfielder inherited the legendary number "10" for the Mexican national team uniform. But during the first part of the game in the Gold Cup, his bib number was the victim of ridicule and jokes by the fans.

An error in the shirt of the celestial player caused reactions among the fans because from being the number "10," he ended up becoming the player "0".

A bad design on Orbelín's shirt caused that the number "1" that formed the "10" to be gradually detached during his first minutes of play. As soon as he finished falling completely, he played with the number "0" for a few minutes.

The fans did not forgive such an event, and endless comments began to appear on social networks alluding to the 25-year-old player's shirt.

What most generated reactions were that both the central referee and the player himself did not realize that the print on the shirt had come off. It took a few minutes for the refereeing body to realize it, so a new shirt was provided to the soccer player from Guerrero.

TUDN reporter Juan Carlos Días wrote on his Twitter account, "Who stamped the TRI shirts? Orbelín already dropped the 1st". For her part, Georgina González, also a TUDN commentator, expressed her comment about Pineda's uniform.

For their part, some fans mocked and affirmed that the number was "big" since the "10" in the national team has been worn by players such as Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Guillermo Franco, Francisco Fonseca, Giovani dos Santos or Jesús Corona, to mention Some examples.

The account @GabrielLemusG was uncomfortable by the number Pineda wore on the field "How big is Orbelín Pineda's number 10 of the Mexican National Team? A superior force makes it clear ... Now take off that number; it is not up to scratch!"

Some think he is an innovator to play with the false '9', today Orblin is innovating as a false player on the field, the account; I was.

Orbelin is not too big for the" 10 "shirt; the National Team is too big," was the comment by Miguel Gurwitz, a commentator for Telemundo on social networks, which he shared on social networks.

As the game passed and the first half ended, the quality of the uniforms worn by the national teams was criticized since they should have the necessary conditions to avoid embarrassing events such as that of Orbelín Pineda.

He continues to talk about the Cruz Azul player for the second part as his quality in the Aztec team is now being questioned.

Finally, around minute 55, Pineda gave a pass to Funes Mori, which ended in a goal, which meant the second for the Tata Martino team.

Finally, he closed his participation with a goal in minute 79 for the final score to be 3 - 0 in favor of the Mexicans.