Oswaldo Sanchez confessed to fighting José Saturnino Cardozo in front of the Golden Scorpion.

source: archyde.com

The character of the sports analyst on the field of play made him the protagonist of various conflicts against renowned players with outstanding careers in Mexican soccer.

Oswaldo Sánchez established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the Chivas and the Mexican National Team during his professional stage. His leadership and unwavering role on the field of play helped him win significant victories with his teams. However, he was also the protagonist of fights on the field of play, visible to the public eye, and many others not recorded by television cameras. One of them was against José Saturnino Cardozo, a benchmark in Toluca.

In a conversation with the Golden Scorpion, the sports analyst shared his experiences as a player and admitted his conflict with the Paraguayan gunner in the locker room of the Jalisco Stadium.

Due to their trajectory and the extended time that both players wore the Chivas and Red Devils shirts, coupled with their position on the pitch, each of the games that faced them became a spectacle.

In a dressing room with Cardozo, I also had an argument in Guadalajara. So I went and faced it, and there we had an exchange of situations. Finally, some madraz * s", he confessed to the famous YouTuber, who asked him about the winner of the conflict. Upon hearing the question, the former Mexican global champion said with a laugh and sarcastically, "Please, that is already known, dad ... Him ."

In an interview with TDN in July 2017, Oswaldo Sanchez recalled that the clashes between the two teams, when both were part of the squad, were highly anticipated by fans.

In space, he recognized that both had the same ambition to win the matches, which is why they "sparked" on the pitch. In addition, the rivalry went beyond the media, as both carried out a mutual study in detail to win.

He was a boy who knew how to compliment. He studied me. He knew I was shrinking a lot with the famous 'Christ', and he stung the ball from above and scored some goals for me. He was a perfect man, and his numbers support him. A great man and a great scorer, he confessed before the media.

We exploded. It's the truth. Suddenly he was saying high-sounding words to me, suddenly me. It seems that it was a duel that was to kill or be killed for our teams. He scored a lot of goals for me, that's true. People remember that a lot, but I also made many spectacular saves, "he recalled. And it is that during his time in Mexican soccer, Cardozo scored 249 goals, of which 18 went to the goal of Oswaldo Sánchez.

Despite the outstanding rivalry, the Paraguayan was not the only conflict in the goalkeeper's history. Another of the characters with whom he came to star in fights with blows was goalkeeper Adrián Martínez. 

That was the way Oswaldo defended the American shirt and his rival Santos. The war was witnessed by the American people, who participated in a friendly match.

Another Santos player who fought Osvaldo was Fernando Ortiz, Argentina's main defender, with whom he shared a dressing room. The controversy erupted during the first leg of the final of the Clausura 2008 tournament against Cruz Azul. At half-time, with the score, the players were about to strike in the locker room, but the rest of their teammates stopped the fight.

The common goal was that we wanted to win. What happened was that in the second half, we turned it around and hugged each other when we were champions in Torreón. There is a scene where we realize that we are champions at the referee's whistle. Fernando runs to where I am, and I run to where he is. I think that trigger of having fought in the dressing room, in the middle of the final, gave us a championship because the whole band woke up, "he concluded.