Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during traumatic events.

source: centerforhealthjournalism.org

A 5-year-old daughter Margaret Fram's, already knows if there is an active shooter in her school. This year she participated in six emergency consultants.

she did it within the confines of his New Jersey home. When the school reopened for private classes, the family chose to pursue distance education for the rest of the semester.

Although school safety has been debated over the past year over the coronavirus, the reopening of more schools and the recent two large-scale shootings that killed 18 people remind parents of a threat that could happen moment by moment. Off the list of their fears: the massacre of schools

And here's another cold-blooded thought: Experts fear that schools may be at greater risk of violent attacks than before epidemics. Indeed, the underlying factors, including gun-related deaths and mental health issues among young people, are worsening.

The required active shooter exercises in about 40 states can only make matters worse, with little evidence of their effectiveness and the growing concern that the traumatic impact on their children will keep them safe.

Fram remembers watching an exercise with her daughter, whose event the teacher captured in real-time via her iPad. The lights went off, and everything was still on. Including students who are learning from home, like her daughter, were instructed not to do anything and to remain silent for ten or so minutes.

The fram has acted as an alternative teacher and understands the school's desire to "keep everything as normal as possible." Classrooms have now reopened. In a country where school shootings are more common than in all modern industrialized countries, she acknowledges the need to prepare for large-scale shootings in general.

But the exercises "seemed completely pointless to me," Fram said. "It feels like an unnecessary trauma. It's another thing to include an 'okay' mental test, and I have to explain it to my child.

Return from school shooting?

First, the good news: Firing was reported in 10 schools in 2020, while schools were closed for a part of the year by School Cove 19, compared to 25 shootings last year and 24 shootings in 2018. Were significantly reduced.

Now, the worst: 2020 saw a record number of gun-related deaths and a record number of gun sales in the United States within the country due to a record number of mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression among young people last year.