Paralympic athletes from Mexico began training in Tokyo.


Since August 9, the first group of the Mexican Paralympic delegation arrived in Japanese lands.

The Summer Paralympic Games will be held from Tuesday, August 24 to September 5 in Tokyo. The Mexican Paralympic delegation will have the representation of 60 athletes who will compete in eleven disciplines.

Mexico is represented at the Paralympics by 29 women and 31 men, who will compete in para-powerlifting, athletics, equestrian, boccia, swimming, judo, taekwondo, rowing, archery, triathlon, and tennis.

The Mexico Paralympic Committee (COPAME) said that the reception of para-athletes from the host country has been warm and friendly through its social networks.

The first group of the Mexican delegation that arrived in Tokyo are the representatives in boccia and table tennis. This Wednesday began their training in the Fuchu area in Hiroshima, Japan, before the maximum sports fair.

Who represents Mexico in Boccia, and what does their discipline consist of

Boccia is an exclusive sport of the Paralympic Games and has been implemented since 1984 in New York. People who have cerebral palsy or are in a wheelchair compete in the sport. In the discipline, both men and women compete, which requires skill, technique, and strategy.

The categories are divided into BC1, which is made up of athletes with cerebral palsy. With the help of an assistant, they throw the ball with their hands or feet, and in category BC2, they throw without the help of an assistant. The BC3 participate with a gutter, with the help of an assistant, and the BC4 are athletes with severe physical ability. It can be practiced in teams, individually, or in pairs.

In the beginning, each team, player, or pair has six balls, and whoever came closest to the cue ball wins.

Daniela Andrea Martínez Mariscal, Francisco Alejandro Pedroza Luna, Juan Diego García López and Eduardo Sánchez Reyes, will be the Mexican representatives of boccia. For his part, Eduardo Sánchez Reyes, for table tennis, will participate in the BC1 category.

Paralympic table tennis

It is similar to Olympic table tennis, but the score changes. They are played in 5 sets, and each one is won by the player who reaches 11 points before. Matches are played as a team or individually, whether men or women, both in the standing category and in the wheelchair category. The competitors are grouped into eleven different classes, from one to 10 are players with some physical disability or cerebral palsy, with category ten being those with minor problems, number 11 is reserved for athletes with intellectual disabilities. In Mexican sports, the Mexican para-athlete Eduardo Sánchez Reyes will represent the tricolor country.

The flag-bearers of Mexico at the opening ceremony will be Amalia Pérez Vázquez, the three-time Paralympic champion of para powerlifting, and Juan Diego García López, who is world champion of taekwondo.