Paris reopened its nightclubs after 16 months, closed by COVID-19.


While the Delta variant of the coronavirus is spreading faster than vaccinations in France, the capital lifted its restrictions on a sector that has been paralyzed since March 2020.

Music enlivens nightclubs in Paris for the first time in 16 months. Other European countries shut down their nightlife again due to a resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

The reopening of the clubs in the French capital on Friday night was the most recent step in lifting restrictions in France. It is a symbol of victory over the coronavirus since the nightclubs were among the few facilities that had been closed since March 2020.

However, the reopening occurs while the coronavirus delta variant spreads faster than vaccinations in the country, and infections are on the rise again after weeks of decline. President Emmanuel Macron will speak to the nation on Monday, and the government may announce new restrictions.

At the famous club La Bellevilloise, many people were eager to get back on the dance floor. 

Laurent Queige of Paris called it freedom, great joy to rediscover clubs, parties, friends.

La Bellevilloise owner Renaud Barillet said the weekend could serve as a test "to see how the public, the organizers and all that react and adapt to the new habits."

France continues to record an increase in covid infections, with 4,580 new cases on Friday. However, that does not translate into a worsening of the situation in hospitals.

The new cases follow the upward trend of the last few days (they were 2,683 a week ago). According to the country's daily report of the national health agency on Friday, the government already has 5,803 million infections of the virus. In addition, another 18 deaths were recorded in hospitals, bringing deaths from the disease to 111,331.

Health authorities attribute this increase in cases to the progressive expansion of the Delta variant, which is more contagious and accounts for almost half of all new infections in the country.

However, the fact that the vast majority of newly infected are young, as the majority of the elderly and elderly are vaccinated, means that the escalation of cases does not translate into more hospital pressure.

Covid patients admitted to hospitals were 7,275 on Friday (8,044 a week ago), while those assigned to intensive care were 953 (1,123 seven days ago).

French President Emmanuel Macron will lead a defense council dedicated to the health crisis on the 12th. At night, he will announce possible measures to the country to try to stop infections and encourage unvaccinated citizens to do so.