Pelosi States That Impeachment Is Suddenly Off The Table—“He Is Just Not Worth It”

Democrats in retreat on issue of impeaching Trump, in an effort to look good for upcoming 2020 election.

source: The Boston Globe

In a move that many are saying is in preparation for the upcoming 2020 elections, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has proved her fellow Democrats with a means of "cover."  

Having been reported to comment recently that the Democrats will not move forward in their plans to try to impeach President Trump, is being seen by many as a way of aiding those Democrats who present districts where the president has a higher approval rate.

In a comment to “America’s Newsroom" Byron York offered: "Some of them are in districts that Donald Trump won, and they don't really want to pursue impeachment."  He went on to remind that many of the moderate Democrats currently serving on the Hill feel they were elected to work on more pressing issues such as the economy and the state of the health car—not to impeach a sitting president.

It was also mentioned that Pelosi, who has apparently figured that trying the impeach the president is just a fool's errand, has given herself a bit of cover and wiggle room when pressed as to why the decision was made.  To hear Pelosi tell it, she feels that proceeding to impeach the president would prove to create a very divisive tone within the country.  She makes note that unless there is compelling or overwhelming bipartisanship, "he is just not worth it."

This backing down on the impeachment issue comes as a major surprise to most, almost making one wonder why the subject was broached, to begin with, and spoken about by the Democrats for so long.  

Adding to the overall confusion is that on Monday House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer spoke to Fox News, emphasizing that they had "62 new democratic leaders—not three."  This was very apparently a reference to OAC, Tlaib, and Omar—who have been causing a lot of grief on the Hill all as a means of making a name for themselves.

Although Tlaib has been reported as saying she would indeed be introducing articles of impeachment within the month, all three freshman congresswomen might want to take stock of the fact that not all their colleagues hail from districts as liberal as theirs.  

A large number of those on the Hill were in fact elected in communities that are in no way similar to that of AOC's or the other representatives.     

So, what’s the verdict—you decide?

In a scramble to run for cover, one has to wonder, are the Democrats trying to hedge their bets as the 2020 election draws closer?