People Are Digging Up Old Ilhan Omar Tweets To Criticize Her -- Can She Weather The Storm?

Ilhan Omar is in trouble once more for things she has said about this country and her critics are pouncing again. Can she put all the controversies behind her?

People Are Digging Up Old Ilhan Omar Tweets To Criticize Her -- Can She Weather The Storm?695
source: The New Yorker

It looks like Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s critics may have run out of ammo for the time being, as recent attacks have started to shift towards things from the politician’s past.

Most recently, some of Omar’s opponents have come out with criticism regarding her comments about a historic U.S. military operation.

Omar’s tweet, dating back to 2017, apparently went too far with claims of how US special forces took many Somali lives during the operation.

The tweet in question was in response to a post commemorating the loss of U.S. soldiers during the operation.

Omar just wanted to point out that people should be respectful of both sides, and that Somalis had also lost people during the attack, and that they were no less important.

There have been various estimates regarding the casualties of the operation, but some have pointed out that Omar referring to the numbers as “thousands” is an exaggeration that goes too far.

Most reports do indeed mention numbers between 100 and 1,000, although there are some conflicting sources of data on that front.

Omar wrote at the time: "In his selective memory, he forgets to also mention the thousands of Somalis killed by the American forces that day! #NotTodaySatan."

Some of the people who have stepped forward to criticize Omar reportedly include war veterans, including ones who took part in that particular battle.

For example, Navy physician and American Islamic Forum for Democracy president Zuhdi Jasser  stated: "I’m particularly offended as an American and as a Muslim that nobody is holding her accountable for these radical views that really view our soldiers as the problem rather than the solution."

However, some have pointed out that the situation is a bit charged, and that all the negative attention focused on the politician is a bit undeserved.

Omar herself has distanced herself from the situation and has not added any further comments, although this is typical for recent incidents where she has gotten attacked.

Despite all of these controversies, Omar's supporters still have her back and will not give up on her anytime soon.

One of them wrote on social media: "No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth❤️keep shining my queen we all stand with you Ilhan."

Actor Kendrick Sampson, of Insecure fame, added: "Thank you for being you unapologetically. An inspiration to all - determined to liberate and protect the most vulnerable. And we (and more importantly your colleagues) need to be determined to protect you. You deserve better."

Can Omar answer her critics in an efficient way, yes or no?