Pete Buttigieg Sends Message To France After Notre Dame Fire... In Fluent French -- The Star-Making Moment Goes Viral

Pete Buttigieg is having his moment in the sun, the media is embracing him and voters are starting to pay attention and take him as a serious candidate.

source: Business Insider

Pete Buttigieg, one of the candidates in the upcoming 2020 U.S. Presidential election, has shared a touching message with the people of France in the wake of the Notre Dame fire. 

The message was issued in French -- and quite the good French, too, according to some -- and managed to touch a large number of people, inspiring a wave of support across the country.

Buttigieg wanted to express his gratitude to the people of France for gifting the world with the Notre Dame in the first place, acknowledging the tragedy of its fire. 

He ended with a statement that he and the people around him shared the pain of France in this tragic situation.

It did not take long for positive responses to start rolling in. Many people expressed their gratitude to Buttigieg for addressing the nation so directly, while others pointed out that he may have just earned himself a new supporter in them.

Some of the comments even pointed out that after several years of President Donald Trump’s reign, it was refreshing to see a candidate for this office who was aware of the world’s cultural heritage and the value it has. 

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who is fluent in seven languages, told a French journalist: "To the people of France, I would like to say that Notre Dame cathedral was like a gift to the human species. We share the pain, but we also thank you for this gift to civilization."

It looks like Buttigieg might get some strong support in his upcoming 2020 run based on that act alone.

For example, Republican political commentator Ana Navarro-Cardenas stated: "Today, I saw a video clip of @PeteButtigieg playing classical piano. Another were (sic) he speaks in Spanish. And this one, were (sic) he tells Parisians, he shares their pain — in French. Just imagine having a President whose intellect exceeds that of a root vegetable … for a change."

Of course, there is a long time to go until then, and a lot can still happen.

The race has been gearing up, with many candidates stepping up their game and doing their best to put themselves in an even more favorable position in anticipation of the upcoming Democratic primary.

Do you think those viral moments could help Buttigieg win the nomination, yes or no?