Pinterest Joins Battle Against 2020 Census Disinformation -- Will It Win It?

source: Instagram

 Pinterest has announced on Wednesday that it is partnering with the US Census Bureau to remove any misinformation about the upcoming 2020 census from its platform.  The feel-good social media will ban all posts that could potentially keep people from participating in the 2020 Census.

Aerica Banks, the company's public policy manager, said in an official statement that the 2020 Census is vital for our country as it determines everything - from congressional representation to government funding. 

The federal funding for education, transportation, housing, and other essential community benefits depend entirely on the Census, Banks noted, highlighting that Pinterest is determined to do its part to make sure that  Americans are fully counted.

Pinterest has already imposed strict rules against misinformation, but its new policy unveiled Wednesday will target the census-related disinformation, looking at any content that promotes false information about the Census. 

For instance, according to the new rules, Pinterest will remove misinformation about who can participate in the national survey, how their private data will be stored and managed, and when the Census will take place.

In addition, the social media platfrom will also ban any advertisements that include incorrect or misleading content about the upcoming presidential election and the 2020 census.

Banks highlighted that Pinterest is working closely with the US Census Bureau to verify and remove any harmful content from its platform. The parties agreed that if Pinterest finds a pin or board violating the new policy, it will share it with the Census Bureau so that all other platforms they work with can take action and remove the content too.

Pinterest will redirect users interested in more information related to the Census to the official government website, where they can find the latest data.

Pinterest is the latest social media channel to partner with the US Census Bureau. Twitter, Facebook, and Google stepped up and joined forces with the US Census Bureau to combat disinformation.

In June last year, Facebook confirmed it would ban users from spreading false information about the Census. Furthermore, it would also conduct internal training to educate employees on how to spot census suppression.

Google also joined the initiative saying that it would ban ads on YouTube videos that promote any misleading information about the Census.

The US census takes place every ten years. It is a congressionally mandated process. Thanks to the nationwide survey, the government gathers the latest information about the population, including size and demographic makeup. Subsequently, the lawmakers refer to the results to distribute federal funding across states.

What do you think? Do you believe that the joint forces of social media platforms and the US Census Bureau will succeed in battling widespread disinformation?