Planning To Ask THE Question? Here Are 7 Instagrammable Proposal Locations


You got the engagement ring, you prepared the speech, you’ve told your friends and family. Almost everything’s set.  Only one thing left to do—find a location. 

Your proposal is one of the most important events in your life as a couple. It’s the very start of your lifelong commitment to one another. It’s important you find the perfect place to pop the question. It’s not just for social media posts but also for the preservation of your memories. Photographs keep your memories immortal. This is why your chosen location should be picture-perfect. 

If you haven’t figured out where to propose, here are places you can consider for your location hunting.

Mt. kiltepan viewpoint, Sagada

Some say that when you’re being proposed to, you feel like you’re floating above clouds. Here in Sagada, you’re not only feeling it, you will be literally within the range of clouds. The Mt. Kiltepan peak is 1,636m above the ground making it one of the highest peaks in Sagada. If you’re living in the Philippines, this might be the perfect location for you. 

A magical photo taken above clouds not only guarantees you hundreds of likes on Instagram but also a beautiful proposal photo that you can frame. 

CENTRAL PARK,  new york

If you are living in New York and your partner loves nature sceneries, then, Central Park is the place for you. It’s impossible not to find the perfect place in the 843 acres of the park. The variety of trees, the lakes, the wildflowers can be helpful in setting the romantic and sweet mood. The aesthetics of Central Park is both a place for a proposal and Instagram.

Fountain of love, berkshire 

No place can get more royal than in the UK, and one of the most romantic places in the UK is the Fountain of Love

The fountain of love is at The Garden of Cliveden House in Berkshire. It was a commissioned sculpture from the 19th Century. The Cliveden house is now restored to a 5- star hotel and is now a popular Honeymoon destination. But who has to wait for the honeymoon when you can already go there to propose?

If you’re envisioning a royal wedding as your theme then proposing here at this grand fountain is a good start. On the plus side, the location makes your photos royally splendid. 


It’s said that the Gondola Ride is the most romantic thing you can do in Venice. Imagine being on a boat with your partner around the canals of Venice and seeing the most beautiful building around you. While your partner looks at the view you take out the ring from your pocket, they look towards you and you propose. It’s been done by many, but it doesn’t make it less romantic, right? 

It’s easy to fall in love with the scenery Venice gives you. That’s why it’s a really good proposal hotspot. 

PARIS BY THE SEINE near trocadero

Paris is the city of love! You can fall in love and take photos in every place there. But if a proposal place is what you’re looking for then the Seine River Spot near Trocadero might just be the perfect place for you to pop the question.

The place does not only secure you a view of the river but also a view of the well-loved Eiffel Tower. On top of all of that, there are very few bystanders around the spot. No one can easily photobomb your special moment because you’d be really close to the river, rest assured that your special moment is only yours, even in the photos. Except for the Eiffel tower of course who will be peeking a little to share the photo with you. 


If you and your partner are Disney fans then this might be the best place for you. Not only will you two love the attractions but you can make the day extra-special by ending it with a proposal.

Make her feel like a Disney princess by bringing her to the “Be our Guest” restaurant to propose, or capture a very magical moment by proposing at the Magic Kingdom park. Either way, you two will have the best times not just because of being at Disney World, because of the proposal. These memories are surely best preserved in photos.

Your local coffee shop 

Sometimes, you don’t have to travel a long distance to find your perfect engagement location. If one of the foundations of your relationship is your mutual love for coffee, then the best proposal spot for both of you would be your favorite local coffee shop. 

Coffee shops have a common aesthetic to them: dimmed lighting, rustic furniture, cottage coreish decors. These elements are both instagrammable and romantic. Your photos would come out sweet and meaningful, what every proposal should be. 

Engagement photos are the best way to preserve the memories of the actual proposal. Through looking at these photos there is a sense of reliving the moment. Perhaps this is one of the reasons couples are looking for instagrammable locations to get engaged. At the end of the day though, it’s not about where you get engaged but it’s all about the proposal itself—  it’s about love, commitment, and dedication to one another. As long as you both have that, it’s guaranteed to translate in the photos.