Police have apologized for the murder of former footballer Dalian Atkinson five years later.

source: bbc.com

Police have apologized for the murder of former footballer Dalian Atkinson five years later.

The new head of the West Mercia police department wrote a letter to the family of the former British striker.

After the trial took place last June, which found policeman Benjamin Monk guilty of killing former footballer Dalian Atkinson from a Taser pistol discharge that lasted 33 seconds (six times longer than the standard ), British Police apologized to the family of the deceased through a letter.

The officer in question was jailed after committing involuntary manslaughter in 2016 and received eight years in prison on the understanding that he had used excessive force to detain the former Aston Villa player.

"A police uniform does not grant officers immunity to behave illegally or abuse their powers," said Police Chief Pippa Mills, who replaced Anthony Bangham in office in September, through a statement collected by the agency. PA news.

The highest authority of the West Mercia police considered that it had an "obligation" to communicate with them on behalf of the institution to "acknowledge and accept" that Atkinson's rights had been violated.

"Ben Monk's conduct was in direct contradiction to law enforcement standards and behavior and understandably undermined public confidence," Mills said, adding: "I deeply regret the devastating impact that the actions of a West Mercia officer You have caused, and I extend my condolences to all of you, as well as to Dalian's family and friends in general."

"I cannot imagine the immense pain they have felt and how the significant trial delays have also added to their burdens of pain. Yet, they have shown great strength and dignity during the last five years, "he said.

On the family side, the lawyer Kate Maynard decided to speak after the official statement: "It is welcome (the apology). The police chief's recognition that a uniform does not grant immunity is especially pertinent in a year that has seen bad examples of deadly police violence. "

Following his conviction, Monk became the first serving police officer (in 30 years) to be convicted of involuntary manslaughter: "This is expected to serve as a deterrent and also embolden those seeking accountability from the police," concluded the defense.

The former British footballer, who played for Aston Villa in the 1990s and Real Sociedad, among other teams, died at the age of 48 after receiving a shock from an electro-shock pistol fired by a police officer after an incident near his father's address.

The former striker, who suffered from severe kidney problems, also received two kicks to the head, hard enough that the mark of the boot ties was on his forehead.