Police Officer Ruben McAusland’s Assault On Suicidal Patient Captured On Video -- Is His Punishment Harsh Enough?

A former New Jersey cop was caught on video assaulting a suicidal patient in a hospital. The man has gotten five years in prison, is the sentence enough?

source: NJ.com

Officer Ruben McAusland, of New Jersey, has been implicated in a severe case of abuse of authority in a newly-released video. 

The footage shows the officer slapping a man restrained to a bed. The man was reportedly a patient taken in for suicide attempts. 

The officer’s slaps grow progressively harder until at one point the patient starts bleeding all over the bed. This was not the actual beginning of McAusland’s abuse, however. 

According to reports, the incident started in the waiting room where McAusland began pushing and punching the patient in the face. 

As a result of this, the patient had to undergo surgery for his facial injuries. On top of that, this was not even the first time McAusland had broken the law. 

In 2018, he was convicted of selling drugs that he had stolen from a crime scene, including heroin and crack cocaine.

The fact that the incident was captured on video seems to have been a blessing for the patient, as it has resulted in a successful conviction against McAusland, who will now have to serve five years in prison. 

He is serving a combined sentence for the assault and the previous incident involving drug dealing. Last but not least, the officer has been ordered to pay over $30,000 in restitution. 

Further charges are going to be filed against the other officer present during the incident, who is being accused of recording the incident without helping and trying to alter official reports to conceal what had happened in the room.

U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito said in a statement: "Through prosecutions like this one, police officers like McAusland – who dealt drugs, stole from a crime scene, and viciously attacked a person who sought help from the Paterson Police Department – are removed from positions where they can violate the public trust and deprive others of their civil rights under color of law."

The man explained his behavior by saying, "I lost my temper at the time." He also accepted full responsibility.

Do you think it is right or wrong to assume that more charges will be brought forward?