President Donald Trump Wants To Deport Millions Of 'Illegal Aliens' -- Is This About 2020 And The Awfull Polls?

Down in the polls and with 2020 looming, President Donald Trump has decided to bet all on immigration. He is now promising to deport millions of people soon.

source: Instagram

President Donald Trump has once more grabbed headlines by saying something shocking without giving many details.

On Monday, via his favorite social media platform, Twitter, the former reality TV star turned politician said that authorities would start the process of removing millions of illegal/undocumented immigrants in the United States.

He wrote: "Next week, ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States. They will be removed as fast as they come in."

Mr. Trump did not specify how the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency will manage to remove the millions of people.

The tweet comes in the wake of Trump, announcing that he has managed to negotiate a “secret” deal with Mexico that would curb illegal immigration into the US. 

The President even claimed to be holding a document related to the deal.

However, strangely enough, he refused to share any details of it and was quite secretive about the whole ordeal. 

Many have pointed out that Trump should have no real reason to hide anything about a deal like that, as it would only serve to boost his image in the eyes of his main supporters.

He even taunted people claiming that the deal was not fake by waving the mysterious piece of paper around, although he did not want to unravel it and show what it contained. 

According to Trump, his refusal to announce any details about the deal was because he wanted to respect Mexico’s right to announce things on their own terms.

However, there have been no comments supporting Trump’s statements from the Mexican officials.

In fact, Mexican authorities have insisted that Trump’s story was made up, as no deal had been negotiated with the country’s president so far.

 As can be expected, many of Trump’s opponents immediately jumped on those statements and were quick to bring them up in any discussion related to the president’s recent statements.

Trump has not responded to the Mexican government’s statements himself, although it would not be the first time the president has behaved in a way like this, refusing simple opportunities to verify his outrageous statements.

Do you think Trump is really serious about solving the illegal immigration problem in the US, Yes or no?