President Trump Is Not a Commander-in-Chief, McGurk Says -- Does He Have a Point?

source: Instagram

The U.S. military has started moving its armed forces away from the Turkish border with northern Syria after the White House issued a statement Sunday stating that Turkey would soon begin 'the long-planned' operation in northeastern Syria.

The news broke soon after President Trump spoke over the phone with his Turkish colleague Recep Tayyip Erdogan to confirm that although Washington gives the green light to the operation, it would not be on the spot to help or stop it.

The move directly contradicts what President Trump promised the Syrian Kurds in the region in August. Washington previously promised its long-term Kurdish allies have been fighting ISIS in the rampant area to support them and keep the Turks at bay if they withdraw from the Syrian-Turkish border and create a 'safe zone.' 

On previous occasions, Trump himself even promised to 'devastate Turkey' if they hit the Kurds.

In a Monday tweet, President Trump appraised the efforts of the Kurdish people as U.S. allies highlighting they received 'massive amounts of money and equipment' to assist the U.S. army.

In Trump's words, it is high time for the U.S. to get out of these 'ridiculous Endless Wars' and bring our soldiers back home.

Brett McGurk, the former special envoy to the global coalition to defeat ISIS, was among the first to condemn the move. McGurk called the decision 'impulsive' and accused Trump of looking for excuses to pull out the troops from the region.

 President Trump is not a Commander-in-Chief, McGurk added that he lacked knowledge and deliberation. The former special presidential envoy also stated that Washington sends the soldiers into harm's way without backing and leaves the Kurd allies exposed.

In an interview for 'Fox & Friends' on Monday, Lindsey Graham, one of the president's defenders in the Senate, echoed McGurk's words calling Trump's decision 'impulsive.'

Graham went on saying that if the reports are accurate, that would be 'a disaster in the making.' Graham confirmed he would be introducing a Senate resolution opposing it and require a reversal of the decision.

An anonymous U.S. military official with direct knowledge of the situation told NBC that Erdogan could start the operation 'at any time.' As our armed forces have now cut all ties and coordination with the Turkish army, Washington would not get any advanced warning from Ankara as to when the operation will begin, the source added.

What do you think? Do you support or oppose President Trump's decision to withdraw our troops from the Turkish border with northern Syria?