President Trump Will Become a Prisoner of His Wall, Pope Francis Says. Does He Have a Point?

source: Pixabay

On his way back to Vatican City from a short visit to Morocco, Pope Francis spoke about the immigration issues the Western countries have been facing lately.

The Pope issued a warning to all the politicians intending to build walls to stop asylum seekers from entering their territories. In Pope's words, all these wall builders will end up as prisoners of their walls.

Pope Francis did not directly criticize President Trump and did not even mention his name while talking to the journalists on the plane back home.

Although he acknowledged that immigration has turned into a hot potato for the political leaders lately, the governments should solve these issues in a more humanely manner, not with the razor wire.

Over the weekend, the Department of State announced it would cut the financial aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, as according to President Trump they failed to prevent the flow of illegal migrants to the U.S.

Moreover, earlier last week President Trump threatened to close the southern border with Mexico this week if the local government does not stop all the illegal migration coming to the States.  

Addressing the Moroccan leaders during the weekend, the Argentine-born Pope asserted that the problems of migration should not be solved by building physical barriers. 

He praised the efforts of the Moroccan King, Mohamed VI, for welcoming and protecting those seeking a better life. In the Pope's view, the governments should do their best to accept, protect and integrate the migrants. 

In case they cannot cope with their increasing numbers, then they should be distributed among other countries, the Pope suggested.

Pope Francis also addressed the wealthy countries urging them to help eliminate the causes of migration such as poverty, political insecurity, and wars.

The head of the worldwide Catholic Church has always been a vocal critic of President Trump's immigration politics and policies.

For instance, back in 2016 Pope suggested that Trump was not a Christian, referring to President's plans to build a wall with Mexico and prevent migrants from entering the country. ''A person who builds walls and not bridges is not a Christian'', the Pope said five years ago. 

More recently, in 2018, Pope Francis joined the massive wave of international criticism of President Trump's ''zero-tolerance'' policy separating minor children from their families who were found illegally crossing the U.S. border. ''Populism is not the solution'', Pope Francis commented on the occasion.

What is your opinion? Do you support or oppose the Pope in his view that the walls would not solve the immigration problems?