Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Does A Backpedal—Laughs At And Agrees To Comment Of Trump Being Mentally Retarded

source: Flickr

Kamala Harris did a little backpedaling on Saturday due to the fact that she laughed at a totally inappropriate comment made about current President Donald Trump.  During the California democrats New Hampshire town hall meeting on Friday, she engaged in a question and answer that left her in a very bad light.

When an attendee in the audience asked the democratic presidential hopeful, "What are you doing in to do in the next one year to diminish the mentally retarded actions of this guy?"—Harris chose to answer, "Well said." (then she giggles) "Well said.  Well, I plan to win this election, I'll tell you that."

The next morning, when the soundbite was replayed of the audience member calling sitting president Trump "mentally retarded" and Harris not only agreeing but giggling as well was brought to the candidate's attention, the backpedaling then began.

On Saturday morning, In a move that can only be seen as nothing other than damage control, Harris tweeted: "When my staff played the video from my town hall yesterday, it was upsetting."  The democrat went on to claim that she did not actually hear the words the audience member used at that particular instance but assures that if she had, she would have stopped him immediately and corrected him.

Harris spoke to the CBS News on Saturday as well, again stating that she heard the other comments that the individual had made, but when those particular statements were made she wasn't really hearing or processing them.  She went on to emphasize that she did not in any way or manner, condone the words.

Harris released a proposal on a policy last month, aimed at expanding the economic opportunities available to those with disabilities.  In the proposal, it was stated that Harris was reported to “believe that America is to be fully inclusive and accessible for everyone and her administration will fight to make this a reality across all parts of our society.”

The policy also stated that Harris had made a personal pledge to include those American's with disabilities in her administration's policymaking processes.  She will those with disabilities appointed as leaders and will have them serve to develop the policies that her administration will be champions of, lifting up all those with disabilities.

It would seem though, that when in a town hall meeting, in which she is trying to rally support for her candidacy, just about anyone is a target.  This was more than evident by her response to President Trump being termed as "mentally retarded" by an audience member, and her not only agreeing, but laughing about it at the same time.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Is this really the type of individual we want for our next President of the United States?