Prince Harry Calls For a Ban of Fortnite In The United Kingdom - Is It Too Much?

source: Ina Grace

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, may not have welcomed his first child yet, but he is already preparing to set some limits to his/her screening time.

Last week the Duke attended an event at the West London YMCA where he met local children, showed off his ballet dancing skills, and discussed the mental health issues among kids in the United Kingdom.

Talking to the reporters, Prince Harry pointed out that social media nowadays is more addictive than drugs and alcohol. According to him, it is getting even more dangerous because it is already normalized and there are no regulations or restrictions on it.

While discussing the adverse effects of the video games upon the British youth, he openly expressed his disapproval of the favorite game Fortnite, calling for its ban in the United Kingdom.

Quoted by the BBC, the Prince asked what the benefits were of having this video game at home. In his opinion, the game was created to addict youngsters to the computer and make them spend unlimited amount of time in front of the screen, which in Harry's view was ''irresponsible.''

What is it about? Launched in 2017 by Epic Games under the official name ''Fortnite Battle Royale'', it quickly became one of the most preferred video games of our time. Nearly 250 million people around the world play it. In March 2018, it attracted 10.8 million new players. It is free which accounts for its popularity among gamers too.

It is a survival game, dropping you onto an island in the middle of nowhere armed only with an ax. You play against 99 people ( mainly adults and strangers). It entails building fortifications, scavenging for weapons, exploring the surroundings, defending the island's survivors and fighting with monsters — the last person standing wins. 

Each innings takes about 20 minutes. If you can't stay alive until the end of this time, you can start again and play until you survive. That is what makes it addictive, according to mental health professionals.

Last year, The World Health Organisation included Gaming Disorder in its International Classification of Diseases. According to its internal study, video gaming could have detrimental effects on a limited number of people who show signs of becoming addicted to games such as Fortnite.

Prince Harry, along with his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, chair a mental health initiative called Heads Together. The new generation of British Royals unites to tackle stigma and change the conversation on mental health. They raise funds and campaign for many innovative mental health services. 

What do you think? Do you support Prince Harry in his call for more regulation of social media and video games?