Prince Harry has a new job. File as a director of an American mental health company.


Good news for Prince Harry. And it is that two weeks after the highly commented and controversial interview that the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and his wife, Meghan Markle, granted Oprah Winfrey, the Duke of Sussex had a new job when he signed as a director of an essential American company in coaching and mental health.

At a time when Harry's popularity has fallen to unsuspected limits in the UK following accusations of racism against the British Royal Family, and further away than ever from his father from his brother - Prince Charles and Prince William, to whom he has not yet spoken after his interview - the Duke of Sussex 'takes root' in his new home, the United States, and lands an essential and well-paying job that will help him maintain the high standard of living that he has in Los Angeles after parting ways with his family and taking on his 'real' obligations.

Harry 'denounced' to Oprah Winfrey that his father had cut off 'the tap' and stopped financing him after his move to the United States - on the other hand, regular, since he stopped actively representing the Crown, the reason for which he received an annual allowance, like the other members of every monarchy - so he had to use the large inheritance he received after the death of his mother, Lady Di, to start a new life with Meghan and her son Archie far from the UK.

However, it seems that his 'financial problems have come to an end since he has been hired as a director of the company "BetterUp," a Silicon Valley startup. From now on, he will be the director of the impact. A very well paid executive position in a company focused on mental health and coaching, a sector in which Prince Harry has experienced following the traumatic experience he had after the death of his mother, and after the psychological problems that Meghan went through during his pregnancy when verifying the rejection of the British Royal Family towards her and her son.

The Duke of Sussex has confessed that he has accepted the position to "help create an impact in people's lives. Active training has personal growth, greater awareness and endless possibilities for a better life in all respects ".

This vital position joins the millionaire contracts that Prince Harry recently signed with Netflix and Spotify, which will bring him juicy benefits that, together with his new position as an executive, seem to indicate that his second child with Meghan Markle - a girl who will be born to early summer - you will not come with a loaf of bread under your arm but with a whole bakery.