Prince Philip's Health: Duke Holds Up on Real Concerns Despite Age


Prince Philip, who is less than 100 days away from his 100th birthday, spent a month in the hospital between February and March to fight infection and deal with an undisclosed problem related to his heart. However, despite this challenging time, he is said to have kept up-to-date on all things royal, including the fallout between the House of Windsor and the Sussexes, according to a royal commentator.

Expert Rebecca English said, Appearing on Mail Plus' Palace Confidential, He stays up on everything.

After all, He is still at the top of the family.

I can't believe that much has been saved him despite being in the hospital for the last few weeks.

Buckingham Palace said at the time, the Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to hospital on February 16 as a precautionary measure.

Prince Philip stayed at the King Edward VII Hospital for several days, receiving only Prince Charles as a visitor.

During his second week in the hospital, the palace updated the public that the Duke of Edinburgh was being treated for an infection.

On March 1, Prince Philip was transferred to the Hospital de San Bartolomé, famous in Europe for its heart center.

Two days later, the Duke underwent successful heart surgery, ten years after he was rushed to the hospital for a blocked coronary artery.

After the operation, the Duke returned to the King Edward VII Hospital, where he remained until March 16.

Prince Philip was photographed leaving the private clinic in a car, from which he greeted and smiled at the supporters.

The Duke is now in Windsor Castle, where he and the Queen have been self-isolating for most of the coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday, on the occasion of National Reflection Day, the first anniversary of the COVID lockdown, the Queen sent a bouquet and a personal letter to St. Bart.

During Prince Philip's month-long hospitalization, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey was broadcast worldwide.

During the historic two-hour meeting, Meghan and Harry discussed their relationship with other royals and the palace and the reasons they resigned as active members of the Firm.

Among the couple's explosive revelations, Meghan said that she felt suicidal during her first pregnancy.

The Duchess claimed that he asked for help from the organization but was asked not to do anything for them. 

Meghan also claimed that someone expressed "concerns" while waiting for Archie about "how dark" his skin would be.

She said this came in conjunction with conversations about whether her son would be entitled to security and a title.

Prince Harry spoke about his current relationships with Prince William and Prince Charles during the Sussexes' first joint talk since Megxit.

The Duke of Sussex said he "feels disappointed" by his father, accused of not supporting him enough despite having had a similar experience with the press.

Talking about Prince William, Harry said that their connection is one of "gaps" at the moment, adding that "time heals everything, probably.

Neither Prince Harry nor Meghan spoke negatively about the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Duchess said the monarch had always been "amazing" to her and remembered that she had given him a gift in 2018 after a joint engagement in Cheshire. 

After the interview, Duke told Oprah that no one from his grandparents had made discriminatory remarks, which he and Meghan reported.