Prince William Launches the Earthshot Prize to Save the Planet 

source: Instagram

Britain's Prince William has officially announced the launch of the Earthshot Prize,  an ambitious new plan to tackle climate change and "repair the Earth" in the next decade.

The Kensington Palace described the initiative as the ''most prestigious environmental prize in history," adding that it will be given to five winners a year over the next ten years.

The main goal of the Earthshot Prize is to propose at least 50 solutions to the most pressing challenges humanity faces nowadays. The award ceremonies will take place in different cities between 2021 and 2030.

In a powerful statement, the future King said that we have to choices: to keep living like this and destroy our planet or use our powers as human beings ''to lead, innovate, and solve problems.''  In Prince William's words, the next decade would test our abilities to repair the planet.

The Earthshot prize is established after more than a year of consultations with leading environmental organizations. It is focused on the implementation of new technologies, policies, and solutions to combat climate change, provide clean energy, clean the oceans and air, and secure fresh water.

Prince William explained that he drew inspiration from the former U.S. President J.F. Kennedy and his concept of Moonshots. As Kennedy once put it, the 1969 moon landing was a synonym with human ambitions and achievements. 

The Moonshot Kennedy proposed in the 1960's inspired technological advancement, such as the invention of the MRI scanner and the satellite dishes. Following this example, the Earthshots aim to encourage innovation and ambition, The Duke of Cambridge noted.

The initiative will launch formally later in 2020, the Kensington Palace said, highlighting that it will be supported by an international network of philanthropists, naturalists, and environmental organizations. However,  the palace did not reveal the size of the prizes at this point.

The announcement of the Earthshot Prize was accompanied by a movie narrated by the famous British broadcaster and environmentalist Sir David Attenborough who has been making the Blue Planet series since the 50's.  According to Attenborough, the initiative aims to motivate and inspire the new generations of global leaders and dreamers to think differently.

The British royal family has always supported diverse environmental causes. Prince William's father, Prince Charles, has been a vocal campaigner about the effect of climate change on our lives and the importance of conservation.  

In September, Prince Harry penned an essay on climate change, saying that conservation is essential for the future generations and that the climate crisis is ''undeniable.''

What do you think? Do you believe that the Earthshot Prize will accomplish its mission to tackle climate change?